10tons Dry powder combined with foam fire truck - shacman 6x4

10tons Dry powder combined with foam fire truck, RHD type, 6000(water) +2000(foam) +2000(dry powder), 6x4 drive type - details see: //www.vehicleto.com/10tons-dry-powder-combined-with-foam-fire-truck-10028575
Drive Wheel: 6x4Type: TankerCondition: NewHorsepower: 251 - 350hp
Tank Capacity: > 10000LFuel Type: DieselSize: 10320x2490x3600Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MayastarModel Number: shacman 6x4  
10tons Dry powder combined with foam fire truck
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10tons Dry powder combined with foam fire truck

KWZ5280TXFGP120DL type dry combined with foam fire truck is fighting fire truck, adopting new technology, use new materials, independently developed with intellectual property rights and, adoptingShaanxiDelong YAT SX1257JT464 type chassis modifications; the operation is simple and convenient, reliable, it is user trusted products. And it is the ideal fire equipment of public security fire brigade and large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises

Main features:

  1. The fire truck is attractive appearance, smooth lines, high speed, and flexible, agile driving safety.
  2. The fire truck has large load, good acceleration performance, and large power reserves.
  3. The pump, gun adopts domestic made with advanced technology, with high performance, small size and other characteristics. And using chassis engines matched power takeoff with the latest design and so that the fire truck has long firing range, large flow, great fire extinguishment capacity.
  4. Equipment box structure, rational layout, kit classification, centralized storage, convenient for picking up and placing.
  5. Cage construction of Equipment frame is importing German aluminum alloy profile structure, section bar connection use high strength special connecting piece built-in lap joint structure. The structure characteristics are high strength, beautiful appearance, flexible combination, maximize the use of equipment compartment space to place the equipment; inner mask is anodic oxidation treating pattern plate, the fire truck interior decorative style isidentical, beautiful and generous.
  6. The truck headstock is four doors double row seats, adopting dual hydraulic cylinder to turn headstock, 6 people riding, compact structure, bright and spacious space, good vision, comfort ride.
  7. Liquid tank is high quality steel materials made, high strength, good environmental protection performance, long service life. Tank inside has set with baffles, tank body are respectively provided with manhole, dry powder filler, water outlet and sewage outlet.
  8. Water pump system is arranged in the pump room, compact structure, on left and right side has one set of water outlet pipeline, convenient for laying pipeline.
  9. Compartment surface is imported popular red wrinkle paint, non-glare, not cracking, not easy injury, good compatibility, beautiful generous.
  10. Both of carriage tow sides and the rear curtain doors are high strength aluminum alloy curtain door of German technology, reliable opening and closing, low noise, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance.

Fire truck

Dimension L*W*H


Full loaded total mass


fire extinguishing agent loading capacity

6000(water)+2000(foam)+2000(dry powder)

Passengers number


rated power


the maximum torque





Chassis manufacturer

ShaanxiHeavy-duty Motor Company Limited


Delong SX1257JT464 YAT truck chassis

Driving style


Wheel base

4575mm +1400mm

power takeoff

QQ60 (original equipment ) ratio: 1.587



WP10.375, straight line six cylinder, four stroke, water cooling, direct injection, turbocharged and Intercooled Diesel Engine

Engine Power






Flat head, four open door CIS compartment, full steel frame welded integral structure

Seat setting

Front 2 peoples rear 4 peoples, the back of rear occupant seat is provided with 4 air respirator fixing frame, and shock-proof device, in front of about 1.2 meters high has elaborate safety railing.

Turning over

double cylinder hydraulic turnover mechanism


In addition to the original vehicle equipment, installation of 100W alarms, rotary lamp switch, Power take-off control switch, lamp switch and indicator light, radio power line pile mouth. The cab top is mounted with long row red blue alarm lamp

fire extinguishing pump


Shanghai zhenxiong fire equipment Manufacturing Company Limited



Rated flow



Install style

Rear located

Water pump



Suction depth:

≥ 7m

Water Pilot time

≤ 50s

Foam proportioning mixing system

Foam proportional model



Negative ring pump with washing device

Proportioning ratio


Fire monitor


Chengdu West Fire machinery limited company

Roof gun Model

PL48 foam water dual purpose monitor:


In the middle of the top support

Control style


Spraying pressure





water≥60m foam≥55m

Rotary angle of the fluid nozzle


The elevation angle of the fluid nozzle


The depression angle of the fluid nozzle


Packaging Detail:in cargo
Delivery Detail:60 days

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