2 seats aircraft K-10 "Swift" - K-10 SWIFT

Light aircraft K-10 "Swift", engine ROTAX 912 ULS, certificates LSA (USA), ULM (France) VLA (Ukraine), Maximum speed 225 km/h - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/2-seats-aircraft-k-10-swift-10000319
Type: Light AircraftCondition: NewYear Built: 2011Place of Origin: Ukraine
Model Number: K-10 SWIFT2 seats aircraft K-10 "Swift": white+red  
2 seats aircraft K-10 "Swift"
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Aircraft flight data:

Maximum takeoff weight, 575/472.5 kg

Empty weight, 335/298 kg

Never exceed speed 225 km/h

Operating ceiling 3000 m

Certificates: LSA (USA), ULM (France) VLA (Ukraine)

Manufacturer: LLC "Skyeton", Ukraine

Maximum takeoff weight, kg575
Empty weight, kg335
T.off speed, km/h80
T off run, m100
T.off distance, m300
Cruise speed, km/h170
Flaps extended maximum flying speed, km/h125
Maximum flying speed, km/h200
Never exceed speed225
Turbulent air maximum flying speed, km/h172
Stalling speed (flap-up, engine idle mode), km/h78
Maximum flying distance, km640
Operating ceiling, m3 000
Operational load factor+4,4 / -0,5 short-time
Landing speed, km/h80
Run length, m120
Rate of climb, m4,5
Packaging Detail:packaging included in price
Delivery Detail:4 months

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