60v trolley lithium battery electric bicycle UF4 - UF4

1,choose e-scooter to protect environment,, 2, business people first choice, 3,Trolley battery easy to move, 4, OEM is okay. - details see: //www.vehicleto.com/60v-trolley-lithium-battery-electric-bicycle-uf4-10026009
Wattage: > 500wVoltage: 60VPower Supply: Lithium BatteryCertification: EEC
Foldable: NoMax Speed: 30-50km/hRange per Power: > 60 kmPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: UGBESTModel Number: UF4Color: milky, black, whiteSpeed: 45km/h
60v trolley lithium battery electric bicycle UF4
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UGBEST electric scooter colors

UGBEST electric scooter detail

UGBEST electric lithum bettery:60v40ah

UGBEST factroy view

Who is UGBEST?

UGBEST company is part of ZNEN Industry Group.With sole focus on electric scooter research and production.With

pollution getting worse and damaging the environment, our company is devoted to environmental protection. ZNEN group, founded in 1987 has vast experience with two-wheel production and export. With a good reputation in Europe and annual export of more than 200,000 pcs. UGBEST utilizes ZNEN’s experience for OEM to developmodels.

The mission of the UGBEST is to popularize the electric scooter all over the world, and produce the e-scooter cater for the public.

UGBESTelectric scooter who is a new life style.

Why do electric scooter?


.Price of Gasoline continues to rise in most markets.

.Environmental concerns continue to be important to most people.

.Young people accept the range and usage as normal.

.Relative new industry with no real leader in the market.

.Future government focus on Green Technology.

.Cost effective for Delivery uses.

.Cost effective for maintenance for delivery use.

.With the developing of the solar energy technology, more and more energy could be transfered to electric power, which will supply to the electric scooter in large scale, so the cost for electric scooter will be lower and lower.

Growth potential:

.The industry as an emerging technology will in a position to increase sales rapidly in the future. As battery technology improves some of the past restrictions will also lessen. The current market share of Electric vehicle is low with a history of Companies of going bankrupt.

.However with the advancement of Battery technology is ensuring the biggest concern of range is gradually coming under control. With some form of battery standard and use of swappable battery method this will be of less concern in the future.

.The cost of Gasoline constantly increasing the cost effectiveness of the technology is improving and the impact of the environment on current business decisions will drive the market to accept this type of vehicle.

Gasoline scooter vs electric scooter

S.W.O.T weakness/ threatActivity to address weakness/threat
Initial cost of units are higher than Gasoline scooters.Sell the advantages of E-Scooter and the lower running cost after purchase

Why Lithium battery is better than Lead-acid battery?

The use of Lithium battery and Lead-acid battery is completely different:

1, Lithium battery is more widely used in our daily life, Such as mobile phone battery, laptop battery, they are mostly use Lithium battery.

2, The advantage of Lithium battery is smaller, lighter (only 0.3timescompare with Lead-acid battery), and more powerful.

3, Lithium battery without memory effect, it is safer and moreeco-friendly. It is a physical reaction inside, and it can use much longer. Because the discharge process is a kind of chemic reaction, Lead-acid battery can be used shorter time.

4, Therefore, the life of Lithium battery will be twice over than Lead-acid battery. The performance of UGBEST Lithium battery is more stable, it works well under thetemperature -20°~60°

How does the Lithium battery work and how to use it?

There are so many advantages of Lithium battery, but how to extend its life? Here are sometipsfor you:

1, The Traction Battery is all battery pack by series connection or paralleling.

2, Because the feature of Lithium battery, it requires high for the consistency of each battery.

3,In a whole pack of batteries, if one battery is different, the whole pack performance will be reduced. Therefore, the whole pack needs to be charge and cut-off at the same time. Users should pay more attention to the battery.


Packaging Detail:50pcs/40'
Delivery Detail:40-45 days after deposit or L/C

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