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SITA has changed the aero policy at 26 th october 2006: The group "pilot" consists now of commercial and private pilots. By this change it is easier for private pilots to get recognized and to register an aero-domain.

Pilots and Private Pilots can use the pilot's licence, private pilots can use the membership card of the aviation club or the can use the address of their domain or URL with aviation content, in order to get aero-domains.

It is not well known, that also aviation students and pilot students can get aero-domains. If they have an own website or send the students card or another document, they can get an aero-domain.

The aero-domain is a restricted and exclusive domain. It is only available for members of the aviation community. You have to prove that you belong to the aviation community by the Community Membership ID and the Password. If you have not got yet any Membership ID and Password by SITA, it is sufficient, that you send us your URL or your "credentials" with your domain applications.

We try to avoid any paperwork for you and do it for you.

Price: 100 US-Dollar/year.

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