AiD-H14 Unmanned Helicopter Drone, UAV

AiD-H14 Autonomous Helicopter Drone, UAV - details see:
Type: HelicopterCondition: NewPlace of Origin: Germany 
AiD-H14 Unmanned Helicopter Drone, UAV
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AiD-H14 Unmanned Helicopter System

TheAiD-H14is a versatile, lightweight, unmanned helicopter designed for applications that require industrial grade reliability in demanding environments. It can fly for several hours along preplanned routes and do its mission fully autonomously - from takeoff to landing.

This system is best suited for mid- and long range applications such as:

  • Industrial, agricultural, maritime, geographical and environmental surveillance,
  • Border and road control, law enforcement, SAR, disaster monitoring, fire detection
  • Aerial Photography and filming, communications relay


TheAiD-H14is built from aircraft grade aluminum and composite materials. Its construction featuring a full metal powertrain gives it a reliability unsurpassed in its class. The main rotor is driven by a sealed, lubricated transmissions with hardened steel gears to ensure reliable system life-long function.

As all our airframes it features an outstanding system to payload weight ratio of 1:1.

Technical parameters:

Rotor Diameter: 1800 mm
Airframe-length: 1700 mm
Empty wheight: 7 kg
Engine: 26 cm³, air-cooled
Output power: 2 kW
Fuel tank capacity: 1.5 liters (up to 4.5 liters)
Start method: manual starter (onboard electrical starter optional)
Fuel: gasoline / oil mixture 1:50
Construction: composites and aircraft grade aluminum

Performance parameters:

Endurance: 40 min / liter
Maximum payload: 7 kg @ sea level
Speed: 0 ~ 120 km/h
Altitude: 10 ~ 3000 m
Wind conditions: up to 7 Bft. or 75km/h wind speed
Temperature range: -15°C to +45°C

Reliability and Maintenance

AiD-Hsystems are meant to be a reliable part of your projects. TheAiD-H14is based on a proven airframe which has been in service with companies all over the world for more than 20 years. It combines unequalled high reliability in its class with convenient maintenance intervals.

System Safety

The autopilot conducts automatic preflight checks, permanently monitors system health and informs the operator instantly if an unusual or critical event is encountered. The autopilot will react according to the encountered error and enter predefined patterns to recover the failure, return to base or take emergency actions such as activating recovery equipment.
For especially safety critical applications atriple redundant autopilotversion can be used to ensure a failsafe standard similar to manned aviation.

Packaging Detail:Systems are being delivered in a Flight Case (LxWxH:170x60x70cm), Wheight: 50 kg
Delivery Detail:12 weeks

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