Air Abulance in Nepal - Ecureuil AS 350 FX

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Type: HelicopterModel Number: Ecureuil AS 350 FX  
Air Abulance in Nepal
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Product Description

Airdynasty heli services is best heli services for air abulance in Nepal

perates a fleet of 4 helicopters of the AS350 series (1 AS 350 B, 1 AS 350BA and 2 brand new AS 350FX ) manufactures by Eurocopter, France.These Helicopter can fly from 16000 ft to 20000ft , and are ideal for operations in a mountainous country like Nepal.

The Management and staff of this company have decade long experience in this business. All our Captains have logged more than 4500 hours of flying time in similar terrain and have the expertise of flying helicopter under the most challenging and difficult conditions. The team at Air Dynasty is one of the most experienced and qualifies in the helicopter business in Nepal.

When flying with Air Dynasty, you may rest assured that you are getting the best and safest services availabel in helicopter flying.

Our Services
  • Helicopter Charter In Nepal
  • Rescue Service In Nepal
  • Best Heli Sevices In Nepal
  • Everest heli Tour in Nepal
  • Air Abulance in Nepal.
Company Information

Air dynasty Heli services is Best heli services in nepal located at Sinamangal Kathmandu Nepal

Phone No : +977-1-4497418,

+977-1- 4477560/ 61 / 62

Fax No. +977-1-4468802

P.O.Box no. 10112

Sinamangal, Kathmandu


The following number of our crew and operation staffs will be available 24 hours for you as per your helicopter requirements:

Capt. Anil Rawal:

+977-9751006478 / +977-9851041320

Capt. Pemba Sherpa:

+977-9751006451 / +977-9851023104

Capt. Nischal K.C:

+977-9751015094 / +977-9851030439

Bharat Subba (Senior manager):


Tashi Sherpa (Operation manager):

+977-9851139967 / +977-9801139967

Bal Krishna Pandit:

+977-9851116362/+977-9802016362 +977-9841681752

Raj Kumar Niraula:

+977-9851036506 / +977-9801136506

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