Airbus A320 Jet Trainer - MSN01

Airbus Jet Trainer is a full equipped Flight Simulation Device for flight training with FAA and JAA agreements (AATD,FNPT,FTD). - details see:
Type: AirbusCondition: NewYear Built: 2012Place of Origin: Germany
Model Number: MSN01   
Airbus A320 Jet Trainer
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Airbus Jet Trainer is a dual seat, autopilot and FMS equipped Flight Simulation Training Device fully mission capable. The type specific nature, combined with the accuracy of the hardware and software, allows for specific jet aircraft training to be conducted in the device using in most cases the factory Flight Crew Operating Manual for flight and ground training as well in most cases the actual Airbus checklists and Quick Reference Handbooks (QRH).

Airbus A320 Jet Trainercan be orderedanddeliveredfor trainingcertifiableby the FAA and JAA :

•FederalAviation Administration (FAA) Certification
–Flight TrainingDeviceLevel4 (FTD L4)
–Flight TrainingDeviceLevel5 (FTD L5)

•Joint AviationAuthority(JAA) Certification
–Basic Instrument TrainingDevice(BITD)
–Flight NavigationProcedureTrainerLevel2 MCCGenericType (FNPT II MCC)
List of components

Airbus A320 Flight Deck

•Airbus panels replicas, highly accurate in size and text placement with accurate switches and knobs.

•Airbus interior trim pieces replicas, highly accurate in size and shape to give the cockpit a realistic look.

•Airbus dual-linked self-centering rudder pedals with toe brakes replicas, adjustable fore and aft with Spring Packs; Control Loading (JAA FNPT II / FAA FTD L5).


•Airbus thrust levers replica with gates complete, reverse levers trim wheels, fuel shutoff levers and TOGA switches.

•Airbus flap lever replica complete with gates.

•Airbus tiller, spoiler, parking brake and alternate gear extension handle replicas.

•Airbus Captain and Copilot seats replicas with forward and backward mechanical adjustment.

•Intercom system for communications between pilots, observer and instructor. (JAA FNPT II / FAA FTD L5)

•Oxygen mask with intercom (JAA FNPT II / FAA FTD L5)


•180 Degrees horizontal and 30 degrees vertical, curved, movie-quality projector screen and frame

•3 overhead projectors (HD visual environment)

•Projector support structure

Instructor Station

•Instructor desk, 2 20” flat panel touch monitors

•Intuitive Instructor Operating Station software

Airbus Software Infrastructure

•Realistic Airbus dual MFD, PFD, EICAM, dual RTU, FMS/MCDU, AFCS, Systems, Audio Integration System

Synthetic World Visual System

•Detailledand accurate representations of a global database, 3D Immersion,AutoGen, Dynamic Weather

IT Hardware

•Industrial server computer system

•1 Image Generator Computer with high graphics performances

•4 Systems computers installed in 2 racks

Digital Sound and Vibration Environment (Included in FNPT II / FTD L5)

•Vibration transducers installed in Captain and Copilot seats

•Amplification control unit

Intercom System (Included in FNPT II / FTD L5)

•4 place intercom system with volume and squelch control

•Line in and out capability

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