Airbus A320 Simulator - A320

The AviasSim Airbus A320 Cockpit Simulator is a replica of the actual Airbus A320 flight deck. - details see:
Type: AirbusCondition: NewYear Built: 2012Place of Origin: Germany
Model Number: A320   
Airbus A320 Simulator
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The Airbus A320 family consists of four major hulls. The A320 is the base model of this family, both A318 and A319 belong to them as also the longer version A321.

The names of the airvcraft correspond to the length of the hull. All aircraft are midrange planes for the commercial aviation. The first A320 was delivered 1988. It was the first aircraft ever using a fly by wire system.

The AviasSim Airbus A320 Cockpit Simulator is a replca of the actual Airbus A320 flight deck. All flight deck controls, paneks, knobs, switches and other components found in the actual aircraft flight deck are replicated in size, look, feel and functionality in the device.

Included components are :
- Airbus panels replicas
- Airbus interiore trim pieces replicas
- Airbus dual-linked self centering rudder pedals with toe rakes, adjustable forward and afterward with sprinbg packs
- Airbus sidesticks replicas
- Airbus full trust levers replica
- Airbus Captain and Copilot replicas setas
- Intercom system for communications betweenpilots, observer and instructor (optional)
- Oxygen mask with intercom (optional)
- Floor stand

Packaging Detail:Manufacturing + Delivery + Installation + 1 year support service
Delivery Detail:2 weeks

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