Aircraft Crash Rescue Guide

This guide is used as crash rescue procedures by airports, government agencies (foreign & domestic), military, airport emergency - details see:
Aircraft Crash Rescue Guide
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Aircraft Crash Rescue Guide (ACRG) is a 1500 page illustrated 8 ½” X 11” manual containing detailed valuable information that includes the following:

1. General Aircraft Information.

2. Emergency Information (location of doors & exits & how to operate them, etc.).

3. Fire Fighting Information (mfg. suggestions on various components/areas).

4. Location of fuel tanks, pressure vessels (oxygen, compressed air, etc.) batteries, flammable materials, elts and others.

5. Electrical and fuel shut-off (cockpit & panels).

6. Aircraft Recovery Information, plus many more features.

The ACRG includes commercial, business and general aviation aircraft on CD-Rom or in a print version. The ACRG print version comes in a tabbed binder that is easy to use and is designed to accept new aircraft updates.

The ACRG is available in a print version, PowerPoint version and a CD-Rom version.

Retail Price: Print Version $345.00

CD-Rom $175.00

PowerPoint $175.00

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