Aircraft De-icing truck

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Aircraft De-icing truck
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Make: MANMake: MAN
Model:14.192Type: 5 cylinder diesel, water-cooled
Year: 1984S/N:
S/N:004140Hours: 476
Mileage: 9258 km
De-icing UnitPump Engine
Height range: 16 mMake: MAN
Lateral range: 8 mType: 4 cylinder diesel, air-cooled
Hot water tank: 4000 lS/N:
ADF tank: 2000 lHours: 76
Fuel oil tank: 300 lPump capacity: 200/350 l/min
Mixtures: 25,50,75,100%Heating time 4000 l, 20-85 C: 410 min
Width: 250 cm / 8.2 ft
Length:1120 cm / 26,7 ft
Height: 320 cm / 10,5 ft
Mass: 13.850 kg / 30.534 lbs


Ex NATO, manuals included, excellent condition, full updated internal instruments, has always been stored inside!


To be negotiated. Located in Wormerveer, The Netherlands.

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