Aircraft Duty Free Trolley

Lightweight trolley, Embossed logo, Artwork screenin, Slam latch door closure, Single panel milled top - details see:
Type: TrolleySize: 405*302*1080Duty Free: Transparent 
Aircraft Duty Free Trolley
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Each open door is held in place by magnets, integrated into the sandwich panels.

All panels are furnished with a decorative, nish in standard and customer-specied colours.
The latch assembly has a rigid pull handle with a customs seal and padlock provision.

The aluminium side panel’s inner skin has deep pressed runners, and the bottom is free of dirt-collecting screw head cavities.

Brake system
The trolley is equipped with a maintenance-free brake system that acts on all four swivel castors.

The break system of the half size trolley can act on either two or all four-swivel castors.

Brake and release pedals havea flip-up design. Maximised wheelbase and track width offer optimum trolley stability.

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