Aircrafts available for ACMI lease

Aircrafts available for ACMI lease, Dry,Wet Lease, charter flight programs. - details see:
Aircrafts available for ACMI lease
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1. DC-10 ,ACMI-4.100$ per B/H, minimum gurantee-120 hours (Location Africa)
2. MD-82 ,ACMI-2.300$ per B/H, minimum guarantee-200hours (Location Africa)
3. DC-9 ,ACMI-1.850$ per B/H, minimum gurantee-120 hours (Location Africa)
4. ATR-72,ACMI-2.200$ per B/H, minimum gurantee-200 hours (Location Spain)
5. ATR72-200F,ACMI-1700 | B/H ,minimum gurantee-200 hours (Location Spain)
6. B-747-200F,ACMI-4.200$ B/H, minimum gurantee-300 hours (Location Turkey,Macedonian)
7. Tu-154M, ACMI-1.500$ B/H, minimum gurantee-200 hours (Location Russian Federation)

8. An-26, ACMI 550 USD, minumin guarantee 80 HRS

9. An-24RV, ACMI 500 USD, minimum Guarantee 70 BH

10. Yak-42, ACMI-1.600$ B/H,minimum gurantee -150 hours (Location Russian Federation)
11. Yak-40VIP ACMI-700$ B/H,minimum gurantee-60 hours (Location Ukraine)
12. An-12 ACMI-700$ B/H minimum gurantee-80 hours (Location UAE
13. BAE-146-300,YOM-1990,ACMI-1.700$ per B/H,minimum gurantee-200 B/H
14. Bae-146-100,YOM-1986,ACMI-1.600$ per B/H,minimum gurantee-200 B/H,ACMI-1.750 for 150 B/H,ACMI-1.900 for 120 b/h
15. B-747-300 combi:26C/298Y/7 pallets,YOM-1986,ACMI-6.500$ (UAE basing)
16. Il-76TD, only charters Russia Federation
17. SAAB-340A-B,ACMI-1.000$ per B/H,minimum gurantee-120 B/h
18. A-310-200,ACMI-3.300$,minimum gurantee-220 B/h
19. B-767-300ER,ACMI-4.000$ ,minimum gurantee 300 B/H
20. B-737-300,ACMI-2.250$ per B/H,minimum gurantee 200 B/H

21. 3 units B-767-200 ER with 266 pax,YOM-1990
22. 2 units A-310,YOM-1988
23. 7 units B-737-300/400 series YOM-1990 and 1989

24. An-32, ACMI 900 USD, minimum Guarantee 80 HRS

25. IL-76T/TD, ACMI 1400 USD, Minimum Guarantee 120 HRS

26. IL-96-300, ACMI 5000 USD, Minimum Guarantee 250 HRS

27. IL-62 Freighter, ACMI price 1700 USD, Minimum Guarantee 120 Hrs.

28. Tu-134A3, ACMI 950 USD, Minimum Guarantee 120 Hrs.

29. Fokker-100, ACMI 1800 Euro, Minimum Guarantee 250 Hrs.

30. Boeing-727-200 Freighter, ACMI (Upon Request), Minimum Guarantee 150 Hrs.

Helicopters available for ACMI lease and other lease and rent operations:

1. Mi-8MTV , ACMI 4600 USD, Minimum Guarantee 70 Hrs.

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