1990 - BOEING 767Y ER - details see:
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1990 - BOEING 767Y ER 26,604 Cycles, 44,504/47,856 Engine Times, 17,282/18,440 CSN, 2159H/674C & 6132H/2131C, Fresh Gear Overhaul, 8.33 Spacing, RVSM, 2004 Paint, For Sale Airframe Recent Complete C Inspection Engine Specs Excellent takeoff performance and fuel economy. Each 767 is powered by two high-bypass-ratio turbofan engines, which are interchangeable with 747 engines with only minor modifications. Twin Pratt & Witney Additional Equipment Lower-deck volume available for baggage and cargo ranges from 2,875 cubic feet for the 767-200ER to 4,580 cubic feet for the 767-400ER Interior The extended-range airplanes typically have three-class seating of 181 to 245 passengers, using five-abreast, 747-size first-class seats; six-abreast business class seats; and seven-abreast economy class seats. Exterior TBN Avionics/Radios the extended-range version of this airplane, the 767-200ER, with a maximum takeoff weight of 395,000 pounds , can take off on about 8,000 feet of runway. RVSM equipped Inspections Status Will be delivered with fresh C check

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