1990 - BOEING 767Y ER - details see:
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26,604 Cycles, 44,504/47,856 Engine Times, 17,282/18,440 CSN, 2159H/674C & 6132H/2131C, Fresh Gear Overhaul, 8.33 Spacing, RVSM, 2004 Paint, For Sale Airframe Recent Complete C Inspection Engine Specs Excellent takeoff performance and fuel economy. Each 767 is powered by two high-bypass-ratio turbofan engines, which are interchangeable with 747 engines with only minor modifications. Twin Pratt & Witney Additional Equipment Lower-deck volume available for baggage and cargo ranges from 2,875 cubic feet for the 767-200ER to 4,580 cubic feet for the 767-400ER Interior The extended-range airplanes typically have three-class seating of 181 to 245 passengers, using five-abreast, 747-size first-class seats; six-abreast business class seats; and seven-abreast economy class seats. Exterior TBN Avionics/Radios the extended-range version of this airplane, the 767-200ER, with a maximum takeoff weight of 395,000 pounds , can take off on about 8,000 feet of runway. RVSM equipped Inspections Status Will be delivered with fresh C check Specifications and/or descriptions are provided as introductory information only, and do not constitute representations or warranties of PLANAER. Accordingly, you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft. Subject to prior sale.

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