Autogyro/Gyroplane A-002 - A-002

The price of the machine 3-4 times lower than the cost of the helicopter and operating costs compared with road. - details see:
Type: HelicopterCondition: UsedPlace of Origin: Russian FederationModel Number: A-002
Brand Name: IRKUT Light Aircraft   
Autogyro/Gyroplane A-002
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A-002 - an aircraft that combines the properties of plane andhelicopter. He was like a helicopter is freely rotating rotor, which isactivated is not the engine, a free-flow of air and serves as the wing,creating a lifting force. In contrast to the wing, rotor gyroplane isnot dangerous regimes, thus providing a high level of safety ofaircraft. Autogiro is designed for multipurpose use. It does take off ajump (without a run at an angle of 50-70 degrees. To the horizon) and avertical landing on a limited area, commensurate with the size of theapparatus.

A-002is equipped with a private comfortable heated cabin. As a fuel,depending on the type of engine, gasoline can be used the followingbrands: AI-95, B-91/115, 100 and 100L. To store autogiro and itsservices can use the car garage. Dimensions autogiro in position forstorage and transportation - mm: 5180 x 2750 x 2450. Towing autogiroimplemented on the ground cars.

PROPERTIES autogiro, characterized by its safety:

* Simple and reliable design;
* Lack of Stalling regime and the possibility of a safe landing with engine failure;
* Low sensitivity to atmospheric turbulence;
* Autogiro management does not require highly skilled crew.

Theprice of the machine 3-4 times lower than the cost of the helicopterand operating costs compared with road. Run 5-30 pm Range - 500 km. 40-200 km / hr. Autogiro can not fall into a tailspin. Not sensitive toturbulence (air shaking). It can stay in the air and turn on the spot.These autogiro no competition in the world. Want to buy?

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