autopilot for UAV and blimp

used for UAV and blimp,airship,zeppelin,dirigible,include the data link, ground station. - details see:
Type: Aviation AccessoriesSize: 12cm*6cm*5cmUAV: blimp 
autopilot for UAV and blimp
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UP30 autopilotIntroduction

Brief Introduction:

UP30_fxw autopilot set includes:Autopilot,UAV GCS,wireless Data link. It’s an integrated system,including all sensors, GPS module, transceivers. It can control all kinds of fix-wing UAV by high accurate flight course tracking with GPS navigation. It also has many interfaces for user system. We can design waypoints, change waypoints or change target waypoints on GCS software even during flight. The autopilot can automatically control UAV from takeoff to landing.

Radio Control Transmitter:

  • FutabaPCM1024,Futaba2.4G or JR PCM Transmitter;
  • Can shut down RC receiver in autonomous flight procedure and automatically turn it on when return home(Waypoint 1);
  • CH6 can control transmitter, parachute, flap, task servos optionally;
  • CH1 can control aileron or rudder optionally


  • Support 10 servos
  • Reverse function

Can reverse the throw direction of every servo

  • Capture the neutral position of flight control servos in flight
  • 50 Hz servo update rate
  • separate servo and main battery power supply
  • Integrated RC override
  • Users can control the plane servos as usual. It’s a proportional mode
  • 13 bit servo resolution
  • Aileron control bank angle mode
  • Elevator control airspeed or altitude
  • Throttle control altitude or airspeed

Can set the maximum,minimum and shutdown engine mount of throttle servo. Also can shutdown engine by relay

  • Rudder control bank angle or yaw rate of aircraft
  • Flap control
  • Parachute control
  • 4 task servos

Control by preset or GCS; Control camera platform; Be controlled by keys or joystick;

  • Servo Mixing (flapron, V-tail, tri-angle wing)

Control System:

  • Attitude estimate by robust Kalman filter algorithm

Estimate the roll , pitch angle and heading(need 3 axis compass)

  • Trim the offset angles of autopilot installation
  • Set the parameters of altimeter and airspeed sensor
  • Altitude and airspeed hold

CPV mode:command from GCS

UAV mode:command form waypoints

CRPV mode:command from GCS

  • Slope mode

Can track the line between two waypoints which have different altitude command

  • 10 PID Loops
  • 30 Hz PID inner loop update rate for flight stabilization control
  • All PID parameters tunable in flight
  • 1~5Hz throttle loop update rate
  • Bank angle to elevator feed forward for improved altitude hold during turns
  • Autonomous takeoff and landing control(runway landing needs ultrasonic sensor)
  • Can install the autopilot to 24 directions
  • 5 control modes:

RC:Control by RC transmitter directly

RPV:semi-autonomous flight control by RC transmitter

CPV:altitude,airspeed and heading command from GCS

UAV:fully autonomous flight control by waypoints

CRPV:altitude and airspeed command from GCS, bank angle controlled from joystick

  • Deadline.

Use it to stop engine immediately and throttle will be shutdown simultaneously

  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Multi-failsafe methods to save your UAV in all status


  • Fully integrated with 3-axis gyros /accelerometers, GPS, pressure altimeter, pressure airspeed sensors, 3-axis compass(optional)
  • Airspeed max speed: 80 m/s
  • Altimeter max altitude: 10000 m
  • Can trim sensor by GCS
  • 2G, 3-axis accelerometers
  • 3-axis rate gyro, max angular rate: 300 per sec. °
  • 2 Engine rotary speed sensors
  • Altimeter temperature sensor
  • Can connect air temperature and humidity sensor


  • 4 Hz GPS update rate
  • Move 2 task servos at waypoint
  • Change altitude at waypoint
  • Change airspeed at waypoint
  • GPS waypoint or flight course navigation

Navigate the plane to a waypoint or along the track between waypoints.

  • Change target waypoint during flight
  • User definable holding patterns (altitude, airspeed)
  • User definable error handlers
  • User definable radius to reach each waypoint
  • GPS fix indicator (LED, other actions)
  • 100 waypoint command (may be updated in-flight)

Can set pattern fly mode, altitude, airspeed, camera state , task servos and landing at every waypoint.

  • Temporary waypoint mode

Fly to a temporary waypoint and begin pattern fly when reach the waypoint


  • Telemetry data (1 /sec)
  • Sensor, PID tune, servo data (15Hz)(cable connect directly)
  • Series data can be TTL or RS232 format


  • 2~6 10 bit A/D Channels; one 16 bit A/D channel
  • 8 GPIO(Global Programmable IO ports)
  • User data can be transferred by I2C or SPI or UART interface
  • 2 task servos
  • Autonomous camera control

Take photo by time or distance interval ; Or take photo at the specified position

  • Can control 3-axis platform by keys ,joystick or autonomous vertical control
  • 64K bytes onboard data log to record the photo pos data

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight

Board (including GPS receiver, gyros and all sensors): 26 grams

With enclosure (include autopilot board, connect board): 185 grams

  • Size

Board:100 mmin length, 40 mm in width, 12 mm in height

With enclosure:100 mmin length, 50 mm in width, 40 mm in height


  • Humidity: 5% to 95%
  • Temperature: -30 to +70 °C

Power supply

  • Main power: 150mA/7.2V, input range 4.2V to 26V.
  • Auxiliary power: 4.8V to 6V for servo and R/C receiver
  • Main Power Monitor
  • Auxiliary Power Monitor

Wireless data link:

  • Frequency:433Mhz, Baudrate:1200bps
  • Distance:>25km

Ground Control System Software

  • Integrated ground control software included with system
  • Can use many types of map include MapInfo format.
  • Graphic instruments
  • In-flight adjustable gains
  • Sensor calibration
  • Change waypoints in-flight(position, velocity and altitude)
  • Payload servos controlled from ground station
  • Point and click waypoint editor
  • Adjust servos. (trim and direction)
  • Record telemetry data.
  • Display the flight track and attitude of UAV
  • Playback the flight data
  • Display flying time, course; estimate the rest time and course
  • Alarm when dangerous state (Power, temperature, GPS health, rotary speed, altitude)
  • Setup Wizard for fast autopilot installation and configuration


Packaging Detail:50cm*15cm*10cm
Delivery Detail:7days

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