Aviation Batteries 20 NKBN-25-U3 - 20NKBN-25-U3

NIKEL-CADMIUM ACCUMULATOR BATTTERY 20 NKBN-25-U3 - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/aviation-batteries-20-nkbn-25-u3-10000330
Type: Aircrafts and HelicoptersCondition: NewPlace of Origin: UkraineModel Number: 20NKBN-25-U3
Aviation Batteries 20 NKBN-25-U3
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Aviation Batteries 20 KSX 25 (20NKBN25)


Aviation Nickel-Cadmium Accumulator Battery is applied on more than 40 Russian made Aircrafts and Helicopters, including all contemporary newly designed and upgraded Aircrafts.

20KSX-25, 20KSX-25T


APPLICATION:Aeronautical engineering

Ni-Cd accumulator as part of batteries 20KSX-25T, 20KSX-25 for on-board starting of aircraft or helicopter engine of civil aviation Antonov, YaK-40, Tu-134, Tu-154, IL-78, IL-76 and for military aviation: airplanes Su, BE, helicopters Ka, Mi and so on. The battery 20KSX-25T is equipped with temperature gage, which gives warning of non-stable condition of the battery.

Rated capacity, Ah:2525
Voltage, V:24,024,0
Dimensions, mm:366 x 174 x 226392 x 174 x 226
Operating time, cycles:250/500250/500
Weight with electrolyte, kg:24,525,0
Weight without electrolyte, kg:with electrolytewith electrolyte
Battery body material:plasticplastic
Operating temperature range:from -60°C to +50°Cfrom -60°C to +50°C
Warranty period, years:33
Type of climate:temperatetemperate
Discharge duty, A:
Assembling batteries:20KSX-2520KSX-25T

This battery has high technical parameters, which are up-to-date with the best international standards, and in part of power density it is better in about 1,5-2 times. Long service life: warranty period - not less than 5 years, technological lifespan - more than 10 years. Low internal resistance, that guarantees high battery's characteristics for starting. Maintaining efficiency after deep rechargeHigh reliability in operation and easy maintenance. Mechanical stresses withstandability. Serviceability in wide temperature range - from -60°C to +60°C. Thermode availability, which allow to stave off effect of "thermal starting".

Made in Ukraine.

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