Bus Brake Retarder

Kingbo retarder---light weight, big torque - details see: //www.vehicleto.com/bus-brake-retarder-10022564
Size: 450x150Material: steelBus Model: Volvo, Yutong, KinglongModel No.: KBG060/080/100/130
Bus Brake Retarder
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Kingbo G series retarder is with the following dominant features:

1. big torque range from 600Nm to 1300Nm for 6-12m citybus

2. compact structure

3. light weight

4. low current required, low power consumption

5. installation and maintenance easy

6. reliable and long life.

Kingbo retarder---the best electricmagnetic retarder for your bus

Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:10days

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