Bus door controller

bus door controller, 1. 24V or 12V, 2. Open frontward or backward, 3. Folding, 4. Electric - details see: //www.vehicleto.com/bus-door-controller-10024570
Type: bus controllerSize: 340 by 140 by 145(mm)Bus Model: Yutong, Kinglong, Ankai, Golden DragonModel: Mk-A
Brand: Huimin   
Bus door controller
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Bus door controller:
1. 24V or 12V
2. Open frontward or backward
3. Folding
4. Electric

MK-A electric folding door mechansim is the technology introduced from Japan, a new improved driving mechansim for opening/closing the folding door of buses. It is featured with compact structure, fine performance and long life service as well as with additional function of anti-clamp, especially overcome the weakness that the cylinder will be frozen still due to water condensation in cold areas. This electrical mechanism is suitable for buses with folding doors, especially for those with no air supply.

Main Specifications:

1Rated VoltageDC12VDC24V
2Motor Power100W120W100W120W
3Max. Current18A20A12A13.5A
4Push force1000N1250N1000N1250N
5Open DirectionForward/Backward
6Open/close Time1.5~2.5S
7Anti-clamp force30N<fj<50N
8Ambient Temp.-40°C~+80°C

Working Principles:

1. Automatical driven :When handle pointed at “Auto” , the DC motor inside the mechanism will be actuated and drive the four connecting rods to move the door through a gear assembly. Press OPEN and CLOSE buttons to control rotate directions of motor , then achieve the opening/closing of vehicle door.

2. Manual driven :If the door needs to be opened/closed by hand, just push the handle to position “Manual” , then the door can be opened/closed easily.

3. Anti-clamp :During course of closing door, if someone or something is clamped, the retain flange will touch the switch and stop the motor immediately. The door is then stopped until the clamped subject is released.

Packaging Detail:As your requirement
Delivery Detail:2 weeks

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