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Used Airplanes

Used Airplanes-AN-26, AN-32
contact supplier for Used Airplanes

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Features: We sell used airplanes manufactured in Russia:, , An-26, manufactured in 1980-1981, reconditioned in
Quick Brief: Condition: Used, Model Number: AN-26, AN-32

AIRBUS 321-200

AIRBUS 321-200-321-200
contact supplier for AIRBUS 321-200

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Features: Airbus 321-200 units YOM 2005 to 2009, Range 5950 Kms Seating 220 passengers economy
Quick Brief: Type: Airbus, Condition: Used, Year Built: 2009, Place of Origin: France, Model Number: 321-200

Elite Private Jet & Helicopter

Elite Private Jet & Helicopter-
contact supplier for Elite Private Jet & Helicopter

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Features: Elite Private jet & helicopter for sale in New / 2nd hand basis;
Quick Brief: Type: Used, Condition: New, Year Built: 2012, Place of Origin: France

1989 Boeing 767-200ER

1989 Boeing 767-200ER-767-200ER
contact supplier for 1989 Boeing 767-200ER

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Features: Model: Boeing 767-200ER, Serial No: 24142, Registration No: N756JM, Owner: Jet Midwest Group, Year: 1988
Quick Brief: Type: Large Transportation Jet, Condition: Used, Year Built: 1989, Place of Origin: New Mexico United States, Model Number: 767-200ER

Freighter aircraft

Freighter aircraft-
contact supplier for Freighter aircraft

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Quick Brief: Type: Cargo Airplane, Condition: New


SAAB 340B-
contact supplier for SAAB 340B

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Features: SAAB 340B for lease
Quick Brief: Type: Cargo Airplane, Condition: Used, Year Built: 1986, Place of Origin: Poland


contact supplier for PROMEGA-757 AEROCAR AIRCRAFT

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Features: Vertical Take Of and Landing VTOL technology multipurpose aircraft. Find us on web.
Quick Brief: Type: Other, Condition: New, Place of Origin: Lithuania, Model Number: DEFENCE-757, Brand Name: PROMEGA-757 AEROCAR, CAMOUFLIAGE: GREEN


contact supplier for ILYUSHIN 76TD

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Features: Last flight: 2010
Quick Brief: Type: Cargo Airplane, Condition: Used, Year Built: 1992, Place of Origin: Russian Federation, Model Number: IL-76TD, Load:: 50 tons capacity, Operating time:: 11'487 hrs, Landing:: 3'108, Engine 1:: 1981, op-time since new: 6575 hrs, Engine 2:: 1987, op-time since new: 8022 hrs, Engine 3:: 1987, op-time since new: 7714 hrs, Engine 4:: 1993, op-time since new: 9077 hrs

Complete Carbon Frame Paramotor

Complete Carbon Frame Paramotor-N/A
contact supplier for Complete Carbon Frame Paramotor

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Features: The carbon frame paramotor-very strong and Light frame, without any Propeller Torque Effect.
Quick Brief: Type: Powered paraglider, Condition: New, Year Built: 2013, Place of Origin: Bulgaria, Model Number: N/A

LET 410e

LET 410e-872003
contact supplier for LET 410e

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Features: Let410-E for sale, good for cargo, start up airline company & charter flights. very good for short take off and landing distance
Quick Brief: Type: Commercial, Condition: Used, Year Built: 1987, Place of Origin: Philippines, Model Number: 872003, LET 410 UVP-E: Aircraft

Airbus Airplan A320-214- A330-200

Airbus Airplan A320-214- A330-200-+989357286067
contact supplier for Airbus Airplan A320-214- A330-200

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Features: A320-214 fitted with GE-CFM engine (model: CFM56-5B43 PIP), - A330-200 fitted with Pratt & Whitney engine (model: PW41
Quick Brief: Type: Airbus, Condition: New, Year Built: 2013, Place of Origin: Iran (Islamic Republic of), Model Number: +989357286067

Business Aircraft

Business Aircraft-Various types
contact supplier for Business Aircraft

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Features: Offering global charter, sale and lease of a wide range of Business Aircraft including, Gulfstream, Cessna, Bombardier.
Quick Brief: Type: Business Jets, Condition: Used, Model Number: Various types

Helicopter Mi 171

Helicopter Mi 171-Mi 171
contact supplier for Helicopter Mi 171

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Features: Helicopter Mi 171
Quick Brief: Type: Helicopter, Condition: New, Place of Origin: Russian Federation, Model Number: Mi 171

aircraft spare parts

aircraft spare parts-
contact supplier for aircraft spare parts

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Features: Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, Piper, C130, Fokker...etc
Quick Brief: Type: all aircrafts, Condition: New, Place of Origin: United States


contact supplier for AIRCRAFT

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Quick Brief: Type: Passenger Aircraft, Condition: Used, Place of Origin: Arizona United States, Model Number: 767-200 ER

Cargo aircraft Antonov An-26B for sale or lease

Cargo aircraft Antonov An-26B for sale or lease-AN-26B
contact supplier for Cargo aircraft Antonov An-26B for sale or lease

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Features: Payload 5500kg-60cbm. Available for SALE or WET(ACMI) LEASE. Ready for positioning anywhere with Crews and technical personnel.
Quick Brief: Type: Cargo Airplane, Condition: Used, Year Built: 1979, Place of Origin: Ukraine, Model Number: AN-26B

used aircrafts

used aircrafts-737-500
contact supplier for used aircrafts

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Features: all aircrafts are in flying condition, only serious requests for quotation
Quick Brief: Type: boeing737/500, Condition: Used, Year Built: 19911995, Model Number: 737-500, flying condition: good price

DAR 21 Classic

DAR 21 Classic-
contact supplier for DAR 21 Classic

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Features: All metal, two seat, engine 65 HP
Quick Brief: Type: Light airplane, Condition: New, Place of Origin: Bulgaria

Piper Seneca I (PA-34-200)

Piper Seneca I (PA-34-200)-Piper Seneca I (PA-34-200)
contact supplier for Piper Seneca I (PA-34-200)

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Features: This Piper Seneca I is the perfect multi-engine trainer for students.
Quick Brief: Type: Twin Engine Airplane, Condition: Used, Year Built: 1974, Place of Origin: Philippines, Model Number: Piper Seneca I (PA-34-200), Aircraft Make & Model:: Piper PA-34-200, Registry No:: RP-C7021, Serial No:: 34-7450064, Aircraft Total Time:: 7,692.7, LH Engine Make & Model:: Lycoming LIO-360-CIE6, LH Engine Time:: 182.6 SMOH, RH Engine Make & Model:: Lycoming IO-360-C1E6, RH Engine Time:: 182.6 SMOH, LH & RH Propeller Make & Model:: Hartzell AV1583 / A877IT, LH & RH Propeller Time:: 182.6 SMOH

Airliners & Jet Aircrafts NEW & USED available for sale!

Airliners & Jet Aircrafts NEW & USED available for sale!-
contact supplier for Airliners & Jet Aircrafts NEW & USED available for sale!

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Features: We can offer you variety of Aircrafts - Airbus, Boeings, all type of Private Executive Jet liners -Brand NEW, or USED or Green.
Quick Brief: Airbus: A320, A330, A340, A380, A319, A318, ACJs, Boeing: B737, B747, BBJ's, All types of Executive Jets: Gulfstream, BeechJet, LearJet, Falcon, Challenger, Citation, etc

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