Complete Carbon Frame Paramotor - N/A

The carbon frame paramotor-very strong and Light frame, without any Propeller Torque Effect. - details see:
Type: Powered paragliderCondition: NewYear Built: 2013Place of Origin: Bulgaria
Model Number: N/A   
Complete Carbon Frame Paramotor
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Now, this is serious. Every rotating propeller causes the torque effect, thus causes the paramotor and pilot to bank and load one side of the paraglider more than the other. As a result, the paraglider is not able to fly straight without pilot input.

Using a very efficient propeller we have reduced the torque effect below average, yet it is still present. The faster the propeller turns, the stronger the torque effect. This is physics.You can’t eliminate this effect. But we can compensate!
The scout has precisely designed cage made ofasymmetric airfoil profileswith carefully calculated angles. These cage profiles act as wings when the air is blowing through the cage and generate rotational lift. This principle has been engineered to perfection:

  • - the faster the prop turns, the higher the torque effect
  • - the faster the prop turns, the faster is the airflow through the cage and stronger the torque compensation.

The torque effect is perfectly compensatedthrough the entire power range.
… enough said. You have to try for yourself.You will experience the perfect flight:

  • - no unintended turning after full-power take-off
  • - straight flight weather trimmed fast or speed bar pushed
  • - equalturning capabilityto both sides even under full power!
  • - precision handlingin slalom tasks
  • - no need to adjust any diagonal strap (actually, there is no strap at all)
  • The first truly aerodynamic paramotor

    In aviation,aerodynamics is everything.Yet this principle has been ignored in paramotoring. Did you know that a tube has 4 times more drag than an airfoil?
    Did you know that a regular paramotor decreases the glide ratio of a paraglider by 20-30%? Not surprisingly, the cage and the netting causes the most drag, thus decreasing speed and increasing fuel burn.

    Finally, the carbon fiber technology raised any limits to our design awe were allowed to imagine the perfect paramotor...
    We did.

    Fly the masterpiece for yourself and enjoy the sexy lady!

  • Carbon fiber - light and strong

    The Formula 1 is completely made of carbon fiber. Airplanes, competition bicycles … so many examples to be inspired by.

    The carbon fiber has thebest strength to weight ratioand this is what we seek in paramotoring.
    We were not limited to tubes or other basic shapes and we have designed the cage as a solid balance of aerodynamics and stiffness. The internal structure of the profiles is the secret of the very strong cage that will not break easily and protects the prop and the pilot.
    Now you can have the lightweight paramotor without trading it for cage strength.

    Your back is well protected bysuper-strong carbon shield, in case of an accident, the forces are well spread over the large surface of your back thus reducing the potential spine damage.

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