Crane rail clamp - P38/43/50/60 & QU70/80/100/120

Crane rail clamp, 1. Welding rail clamp, 2. Gauge Apron., 3. Include the whole fasteners., 4. Easy to install - details see: //
Type: Rail FastenersMaterial: 60Si2Mn/Q235Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): P38/43/50/60 & QU70/80/100/120Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland)
Brand Name: De SongModel Number: P38/43/50/60 & QU70/80/100/120  
Crane rail clamp
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Crane rail clamp

Item No.DescriptionSpecificationMaterial
1Fish Bolt22×135, 24×135, 24×145Q235
2High-strength Fish Bolt22×135, 24×135, 24×145C45
3Insulated Bolt22×160, 24×160, 24×170C45
4T type boltM24x110Q235
5Flat Washer6×25×50Q235
6Spring Washer20×8, 24×8, 26×8
7Double Spring Washer26×8
8Gauge apron10#, 13#, 14#, 20#Q235
9Antiseptic gauge apron10#Q235
10Elastic rail clipType60Si2Mn
11SKL serious Type60Si2Cr, 38Si7
12G Type60Si2MnA
13W Type
14Antiseptic elastic rail clipB Type60Si2MnA
15Rubber tie plateP43, P50, P60Rubber
16Steel Tie plate/ base plateQT450-10
17Rail anchorQT450-10, Q235A, QT400-15
18Screw spikeM22x185, M24x195Q235
19Square head screw spike22x145, 22x155, 22x165Q235A
20Hexagon screw spike22x145, 22x155, 22x165, 22x185, 22x195Q235A
21Dog Spike16×165
22Nylon apron blockV type, 0-4#, 2-6#polyamide 66
23Insulated Rail Gauge Rod¢32, ¢36
24Rail Gauge Rod¢32, ¢36
25Fish plate43kg, 50kg, 60kg, 75kgB7. 45#
BS60, BS75R, BS80A, BS90AB6, B7
Insulated fish plate (43, 50, 60, 75)..B6, B7
UIC60, UIC5450#, 45#
Packaging Detail:Container
Delivery Detail:5 days

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