Eco friendly Airfield Utility Cart

Battery operated Airfield Utility cart (2 Seater + Cargo) from Maini Group for Airfield utility applications. - details see:
Eco friendly Airfield Utility Cart
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Detailed Product Description

Maini is the only OEM in India to manufacture Electric Airfield Utility Cart/ Battery Operated Airfield Vehicles (BOAV).

The customized airfield battery operated carts are in use with various industries including the Armed forces for transportation of personnel & material in Air field operations. These areperfect for moving people & material comfortably and in style. With its ergonomic styling and flexible seating options combined with the Flight & Maintenance Safety features in 55 variants & 2000 colors are ideal airfield eco friendly utility carts.


Maini is 40 years old group consists of five companies, 3000 people and factories & warehouse facilities across North America, Europe and Asia. Each of our company is an innovator & leader in its field. Our core competencies lie in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Services.

Flight & Maintenance Safety features

  • Anti FOD & Anti skid tyres
  • Anti corrosive treatment for rust free operations
  • Spark free brushless AC motor with thermal sensor
  • Two mode speed for safety and precise movements
  • Quick battery replacement mechanism for long continuous operations
  • Regenerative brakes with unique Automatic Slope Hold Feature
  • Pre set speed & acceleration as per customer’s requirements adds to safe & precise movements
  • Speed adjustment up to 0.1 Km/Hr with top speed of 30 Km/Hr
  • Various interlocking safety mechanisms
  • Light weight and small size
  • Electronic battery management system
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)body for stronger, shiny, impervious and rubbery surface for resilience even at lowtemperatures(−20 and 80 °C)
  • Other safety features like emergency stop on dash board, spot light for night operations & anti collision beacons
  • More features can be customized as per the customer requirements

Advantages of Electric technology

  • No fuel & Noise Pollution
  • Less parts & less maintenance
  • Better reliability
  • Long duty cycles
  • Long operating range of 50 kms
  • Low vehicle degradation

Color Options

  • Standard – off white
  • Over 2000 color options
Packaging Detail:Standard packing. Special packing can be done as per customer requirements.
Delivery Detail:4-6 Weeks

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