EP-1 electric unmanned helicopter

electric helicopter for aerial photography,payload 5-15kg, endurance:10-40mins - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/ep-1-electric-unmanned-helicopter-10000165
Type: Helicopter   
EP-1 electric unmanned helicopter
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EP-1 electric helicopter, developed by Wuxi Hanhe aviation, is a new type unmanned helicopter. It is characterized by separate driving motors. It adopts our new strong gear box technology and new carton fiber material 3 axis camera mount. The vibration occurred is much smaller, so it is an ideal platform for aerial photography.

Performance of EP-1

Max/Average speed90/65km/hour
Maximum flying heightASL 4500m
Empty weight13.5kgExcluding battery
Maximum takeoff weight40kg
Payload5-15kgExcluding battery
Endurance10-40minsDepends on battery and payload
Main/tail rotor diameter2146/403mm
MotorNominal power 10kwPeak power 15-20kw
Battery12000mAh/setVoltage 59.2V
Camera mount3 axisCarbon fiber material
Total length/width1.7/0.7mWidth of gear box

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