export high intensity xenon obstruction light

export high intensity xenonobstruction light, white flashing obstruction light, use on transmission tower/bidge - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/export-high-intensity-xenon-obstruction-light-10000555
Type: OtherSize: 488*335*319(mm)Attribute: high intensityLight Source: xenon lamps
Emitting Color: white flashingInput Voltage: AC220VLifespan: 10^8 timesEffective Light Intensity: 2000cd-200000cd(±25%)
Vertical Degree: 3-7 degreeVisual Distance: 15kmWeight: 12kgOverall Size(mm): 488*335*319
export high intensity xenon obstruction light
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high intensity xenon tube obstruction marking light

white flashing obstruction light
use on transmission tower/bidge
high light intensity

export high intensity xenon obstruction light


1. The house of the light adopts SUS304 stainless steel which is omniseal, light, waterproof, impact resistance, corrosion resistance etc..

2. A built-in high efficacy reflector and a tempered glass outside makes the effective light rate up to 80%.

3. Light source adopts high quality xenon tube which is high brightness with light efficiency 100LM/W, low power consumption, long lifespan up to flash 100,000,000 times.

4. The circuit of the light has surge protection whose lightning proof ability is In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax 15KA so that the light is suitable to harsh environment.

5. High Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light works continuously for 24hrs a day. It can adjust light intensity according to the ambient brightness. If synchronized flash is required among lights, the main lights with controlling function control all subsidiary lights for synchronized flash or use controller to control all the lights for synchronized flash.

Certificate No. of Airport Equipment Certificate awarded by General Administration of Civil Aviation of China is LF09R086

Model Instruction:

ZH-800AH/KC/Z: Main light of High Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light, with photocell, controlling multi lights for synchronized flash

ZH-800AH/KC/F: Subsidiary light of High Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light, without photocell, working together with main light or controller

ZH-800AH/KC/J: High Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light with monitoring function, without photocell, working together with controller which has alarm system to monitor the working status of the lights

The Scope Of Application:

ZH-800AH/KC High Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light is an unidirectional white flashing aviation obstruction light which is designed to provide 120° horizontal beam angle. It is mainly used on high rise buildings or structures whose height are more than 150 meters like television transmitting tower, sidelong pillar of bridge, high chimney, etc.. It should be used together with medium intensity and low intensity aviation obstruction lights for playing a warning role.

Main Technical Parameter:





FAA Type


Operating Voltage

AC 220V

Power Consumption


Flashing Frequency


Peak Light Intensity

Background LuminancePeak light intensity

Beam Angle

120° horizontal beam angle

3-7° vertical beam spread

Light Source

Xenon tube


100,000,000 times

Emitting Color


Ingress Protection


Operating Temperature


Wind Load


Net Weight


Overall Size(mm)


Installation Size(mm)


Packaging Detail:standard carton
Delivery Detail:2 weeks

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