Four seater twin-engine aircraft

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Type: Four seater, twin-engine aircraftCondition: NewYear Built: 2011Place of Origin: Poland
Four seater twin-engine aircraft
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A four seater twin-engine aircraft with retractable landing gear, high-wing configuration with push-type propellers and comfortable passenger cabin.


Ergonomics and safety

Getting on that plane is no problem even for a woman wearing long dress. See it for yourself - you will get inside as comfortably as into your car!

You don't have to wait until engines stop - thanks to propellers in pusher configuration, you will get off immediately after stopping on the airfield apron!

Cost of operation

Cost of an hour of flight is $177 and is 10% lower than the cost of a similar class aircraft (with assumption of 500h annual flying time, without costs of amortization)

Comfort of travelling

Feel the comfort of travelling - you can easily work or rest throughout entire flight!

Cabin provides perfect visibility all around. Enjoy the views without limits - from cabin you can watch entire space, not only in front of the plane but also above and below!

Range up to 1,700 km

The range is impressive for that class of aircraft - you can reach any destination within 1,700 km radius without intermediate landing!

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