FUEL TEST STAND - TI-35712 or PWA35712

PORTABLE FUEL STAND - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/fuel-test-stand-10000962
Type: FUELUse: OtherCondition: UsedSize: PORTABLE
Place of Origin: California United StatesModel Number: TI-35712 or PWA35712Brand Name: TESTEK4920-00-908-9341: SMALL
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GPM/PSI:502 @ 600
Fluid:Jet Fuel
Manufacturer:Testek Inc.
Shown as:Used
Product Type:Test Stand
Part No:TI-35712 or PWA35712
Model No:
The cart is self-contained unit, which incorporates its own hydraulic system to supply test fluid to the part on test at specified pressure flow, and temperature and to return this fluid to the reservoir. Unit is designed for use in hazardous areas.

  • 37 hours on meter
  • 15 gallon fuel reservoir
  • Explosion proof enclosure for motor starter
  • Hermatic refrigeration compressor 1½ HP
  • Input power cord
  • Four (4) each hoses with quick connects
  • Two (2) each foot brakers

    Note:Delta power hydraulic pump is used to power the hydraulic motor, which turns a fan to blow air over and condenser.

    Electric Motor

    Manufacturer: Reliance explosion proof
    RPM: 1755
    HP: 7½
    PH: 3
    Volts: 230/460 AC
    Frame No: 213TC
    Mounting: Foot and C-face
    Shaft: Single

    Main Hydraulic Pump

    Manufacturer: Delta Power
    Model no: A6
    RPM: 1750
    GPM: 2.39
    PSI: 500
  • Constant


  • 12 micron

    Hydraulic Motor

    Manufacturer: Testek
    GPM: .44
    PSI: 725
    RPM: 1420


    0-150 PSI
    0-1500 PSI
  • Temperature gauge -40 to 180°F
  • Approx. Dimensions:48
    ALS ID:TSFU109
    Approx. Weight:1280 lbs.

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