FW5031XJH18 ambulance

FW5031XJH18 ambulance, 1)cost performance, 2)complete after sales service, 3)good reputation - details see: //www.vehicleto.com/fw5031xjh18-ambulance-10028788
Medical Equipment: YesTransmission Type: ManualCondition: NewEmission Standard: Euro 3
Fuel Type: DieselLength (m): 3 - 8mPlace of Origin: China (Mainland) 
FW5031XJH18 ambulance
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XML5031XJH18 ambulance


Basic technical paramenters of vehicles

1Body size(mm)4980×1700×2420
2Cabin size(mm)2810×1370×1600
3Engine model4RB2
4Engine displacement2438cc
5Minimum turning radius6m
6Wheelbase (mm)2590
7Emission standardsGB18352.3-2005 Euro4
8Maximum power102/3500km/r/min
9Maximum torque375/2000Nm/rpm
10Transmission5-speed floor shift
12Suspension system(front/rear)Torsion bar suspension with double wishbone/leaf springs
13Fuel tank capacity70L
14Fuel consumption/Km10
16Air conditionIndependent air condition front and rear
17Steering systemPower steering system
18Central controlling door lockWith re,ote control, central locking

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Packaging Detail:standard package
Delivery Detail:1-30 Days

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