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*Video bus stop announcer, *GPS automatic reporter, *LCD display and LED station imformation show at the same time, *long life - details see: //
Type: bus stop announcerCertification: CESize: 11x8x3cmMaterial: aluminum
Bus Model: otherPlace of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: MJKModel Number: MJK-GPS
GPS Video Intelligence bus stop Announcer
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The main function characteristics:

1, Supply Voltage Range:8-36V,suitable for installation in all buses;

2, Audio amplifier output power:internal loudspeaker(25*4W),external loudspeaker(25W);

3, File Storage support SD card;

4, Support for external audio and video input.The broadcaster achieve an sound switch freely between external audio and voice stops and the voice is outputted by the same set of speakers(The broadcaster will switch the external voice and video to output port automatically if the broadcaster does not broadcast any information that time. Or the broadcaster will switch the broadcast voice to audio output port if the broadcaster is broadcasting now and the external voice and video will follow after the broadcast file).This function is optional according to customer requirements,the following figure shows a sample:

5, Support the inside and outside broadcast function,the broadcaster would go play *.MP3 file in the MUSIC folder through the internal loudspeaker only if it dose not broadcast that time;the internal and external loudspeaker will both work if it is the time to broadcast the stations information.This function is optional according to customer requirements,the following figure shows a sample:


(1)The machine will loop play *.MP3 program in the “music” folder if it is powered when you insert the SD card;if there is not “music” folder or there is no *.MP3 file in the “music” folder,the broadcaster would output no voice when it is powered.The broadcaster will broadcast the corresponding station file or politely if you press the stop and the polite button;

(2)The broadcaster will continue to play the original music from the breakpoint after the station information and the politely.

(3)The breakpoint will not be remembered if the station file or the politely is playing.

7, Output port definitions:as the following picture(the MIC function is optional according to customer requirements)

Drivers can broadcast any information to passengers through MIC

Video Intelligent bus stop Announcer Instructions:
1 completely replace the current voice announcer , and cost-effective ;
2.In the traditional newspaper stand increases the playback audio visual advertising programs , and more than the current building advertising advertising effectiveness
Better ;
3 advertising programs and newspaper stand unified with the most popular file -fidelity , high-compression MPG4 files to make ;
4 Wide operating voltage range : 10V-30V; Operating current, operational reliability is very high ;
5 using a CF card to store files more stable than the hard disk and movement ;
6 beautiful aluminum design housing ;
7 Video support: TV CVBS, S_VIDEO, and LCD's VGA input ;
8 Audio output : Stereo output with 20- watt amplifier ;
9 support the remote control and panel key operation ;
10 power and memory playback function supporting documents ;
11 auto-stop function With the continuous development of the current bus , drive the bus facilities constantly updated, improved , and thus the bus stop device on the bus has become today
Car essential equipment.
The company has been focused on product development experience based on intelligent transportation , for which the stops repeatedly facelift , both in function or stability , similar products in the domestic leading level .
Ming Jin Kang GPS automatic stop device advantages:
1 , stable quality : the Ming Jin Kang services over one hundred years of experience in public transport enterprises , newspaper stand undergone many improvements, the current
Ming Jin Kang GPS newspaper stand ahead of similar products in quality !
2, the sound quality is good : the real use of high-definition decoding, can play high-definition image quality excellent results , especially
By DIAS advertisers praise !
3 , high-capacity storage : 8G storage , each stop device can store hundreds of newspaper stand voice lines ; advertising program cycle sowing
4, LCD LCD : stop device using Chinese LCD display interface , compared to the use of digital tube can only display digital
The stop device : LCD easy to use, with clear, simple and convenient parameter setting ;
5 Powerful: LCD GPS time , speed , speed limit value , the current site , the next stop ;
6 , newspaper stand Voice update Easy to use: USB interface, does not require any software to update the stops voice, direct
Duplicate, copy to ;
7 , rich interfaces : it can provide RS232, RS485 interfaces, take the word butt LED screen, road and other vehicle electronic cards do not
Child device

Packaging Detail:exporting carton box
Delivery Detail:20 days

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