HCT-8 hydraulic test stand(skydrol)

hydraulic test stand, can test pumps,motors,actuators,valves and other related components. - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/hct-8-hydraulic-test-stand-skydrol-10000525
Type: test standskydrol: pump test  
HCT-8 hydraulic test stand(skydrol)
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GPM/PSI:15 @ 5000
Manufacturer:Sun Electric
Shown as:Overhauled
Product Type:Test Stand
Part No:C276-1000-355-100 & A784-1000
Model No:HCT-6
  • For Flow Testing: GPM/PSI: 25 @ 5000 RPM:500-5000 for pump testing.
  • For actuators, valves, and component testing.
  • Currently MIL-H-5606 fluid service (red oil)Skydrol convertible.

    Hyraulic System


    Cylindrical type; steel; capacity 25 U.S. gallons and 3 gallon sump. Equipped with pressurization system to 125 PSI and liquid level sight in-dicator.


    Nine piston, axial type; mounted on one end of motor shaft with single-direction clutch.

    Inlet Circuit:

    Pressure actuated switch stops motor and illuminates panel light when pump inlet pressure falls below minimum requirements

    Discharge Rate:

    15 GPM at 3000 PSIG; 10 GPM at 5000 PSIG.

    Fluid Compatibility:skydrol or...

    MIL-H-5606, MIL-H-6083, and MIL-H-83282. Unit may be calibrated for use with other fluids.


    5-micron, replaceable element type, located in pump suction and return lines.

    Relief Valve:

    High pressure manual adjustment, 500 to 5000 PSIG with parallel circuited, solenoid-operated, bypass valve, to bypass flow from high pressure system to reservoir.

    Heat Exchanger:

    Oil-to-water shell and tube type.

    Temperature Controller:

    Pneumatic, indicating type, panel mounted, and mercury filled system; ad-justable range 100°F to 1800F maintaining ±2°F.

    Fluid Cooling:

    Diaphragm control valve throttling cooling water to heat exchanger. Con-trolled by temperature controller.

    Fluid Heating:

    Three immersion type electric heaters installed in reservoir; thermo-statically controlled.


    Two variable area glass tube type; logarithmic scales. Range: 0.4 to 4 GPM and 2.5 to 25 GPM. Accuracy: ±1% instantaneous reading. Scavenger flow-meter range: 0.15 to 1.5 GPM ±1% instantaneous reading.


    200 cu. in. capacity; working pressure, 5000 PSIG. Nitrogen charged with panel mounted valve and indicating gage.

    Foot pump:

    Capacity 6000 PSIG static test.

    Pneumatic System

    Air Motor Pump:

    Piston type; minimum pressure ratio 250 to 1. Equipped with air regu-lator; lubricator and air pressure gauge. 20,000 PSI static hydraulic pressure at 80 PSI air input.

    Vacuum System

    Vacuum Pump:

    Tests pump seal conditions to 27 inches mercury vacuum.

    Pump Test Pad:

    Located on control panel; equipped with adapters to convert to AND2OOO1 and AND20002 pads and splines. Connections provided for air or vacuum.

    Torque Indicator:

    Indicates pump test pad torque from 0 to 1000 inch-pounds in either di-rection of rotation. Indicated on direct reading scale on unit control panel.

    Variable Speed Drive


    30 HP continuous rating; 40 HP, 1 hour; 50 HP, 3 minutes.


    750 to 5000 rpm-manual hand wheel adjustments.

    Speed Indicator:

    Range 0-5000 rpm. Over-all accuracy ±2%

    Power Requirements:

    440-volt, 3-phase, 60-cycle. Draw approximately 45 KVA. 115-volt, single-phase, 60-cycle, 100 watts.(please advise if power requirements are different)

    Additional External Connection Requirements

    Air-90-125 PSIG shop air system; Water-15-20 GPM at 700F.

    Special Features:

    Fluorescent panel lighting; back-lighted flowmeters; synchronous electric clock and timer, frequency regulated from 115-volt, 60-cycle, a-c power supply.
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