Helicopter Mi-8AMT (Mi-171E), Mi-17 citizen multifunctional - Mi-171E

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Type: HelicopterCondition: NewYear Built: 2013Place of Origin: Russian Federation
Model Number: Mi-171E   
Helicopter Mi-8AMT (Mi-171E), Mi-17 citizen multifunctional
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Mi-8AMT (Mi-171E) helicopters are designed for a wide range of tasks:

  • For the transportation of cargo and passengers;
  • For the transportation of oversize cargo on the outside suspension;
  • For search and rescue operations;
  • For affected people evacuation.

One of the basic benefits of the Mi-8AMT helicopters is its multifunctional. In a process of pre-flying preparation Mi-8AMT could be converted from a transport aircraft into a search and rescue, fire rescue, sanitary and emergency one.

Mi-8 AMT – is the best-selling export helicopter in the world.

Itperfectly combines the reliability, usability, good technical performance and best price.

Flying-technical characteristics:

Dimencions of the cargo cabine, m:

Length: 5,34
Width: 2,34
Height: 1,8

Weight, kg:

Of empty machine - 7200
Take-off normal – 11100

Take-off, max - 13000

Commercial load, max, kg:

In the fuselage - 4000
On the external suspencion - 3000

Speed, km/h:

Near the ground, max: 250
Cruising - 230

Practical range, km:650

Equipage, people:2-3


Delivery on FCA-aiport terms.

Also we take orders for Mil helicopters that was in used, 1980-2005 y.m.

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