Helicopters - Mi-14 RV (AMPHIBIA)

The Mi-14 RV (AMPHIBIA) defence version was produced in late 1990 and refitted to international standards in 2013. - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/helicopters-10000425
Type: HelicopterCondition: UsedYear Built: 2000Place of Origin: Ukraine
Model Number: Mi-14 RV (AMPHIBIA)Helicopter: 5,000,000 USD  
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Mi-14 RV (AMPHIBIA)can land on any water(sea and lake)and land(hard and soft)surface:
• in Hovering;
• in powered forward speed, even with failure of one engine;
• in autorotation in case of failure of two engines.

TheMi-14 PZH / RVisequippedwith an emergencyfueldrain to allowweight reduction during flight in case of emergency to prevent a explosion or fire . This can even be usedif the horizontalhelicopter flightis no longer possible due to engine failure. It must be mentioned that in the years of recorded operation there was no simultaneous failure of both engines.

The main aggregates / turbines ofthe power plant, transmission,carriersystems andon-board equipmentof the Mi-14PZH areunified with theMi-17,Mi-8 MTV,(Mi-17-1Vand Mi-172)and Mi-8AMT(MI-171) models.

While the main power plant of theMi-14PZHare two turbines of the TV3-117VM02 serieswith a takeoffpower of 2500hp.s.each.TheMi 14 RV (AMPHIBIA)has the upgraded TV3-117VMAversion that produces2600 hp..Both versions use the AI-9V APU as mounted start engine.

The helicopterentrance dooron the leftside of the fuselageis doubled to load bulky cargo:1,4 mx1,7 m(includingpallet). An extraenhanced chordmounted near the tail rotor blades serves to improvelateral controlduring operations.

  • All Modern flight equipment is installed for flying accoording to the international air lines (IAL) regulations..
Packaging Detail:Depending on the configuration and customers specifications. The helicopter can be transported under own power or by Air / Ship.
Delivery Detail:40 day's

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