HSQ1700 Electromagnetic Retarder

1.bus electromagnetic retarder, 2.retarder for bus, 3.Mounted on the gearbox or the bridge - details see: //www.vehicleto.com/hsq1700-electromagnetic-retarder-10024571
Type: retarderSize: 534mm*580mm*295mmMaterial: cast iron,copperBus Model: Yutong,Kinglong,Ankai,Golden Dragon, Daewoo, Tata
Troque(N.m): 1700Fitting Vehicle Weight(T): 11-16Management Certification: ISO9001 ISO/TS16949 ISO14001 
HSQ1700 Electromagnetic Retarder
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HSQ1700 Electromagnetic Retarder

Briefs of the structure

HSQ series of speed reducer mainly contains following parts:

1) interface bracket

2) rotor

3) stator

4) coil

5) mid joint flange

The interface bracket (part1) is to be cast precisely and mounted on the chassis or car body.

The rotor (part2) which are divided into two parts (front and back) are to be cast with light and

fine ferrous magnetic materials containing good magnetic conductivity and it is specially made

into a form of blade wheel in order to dispel the heat caused by braking. The two rotors are

mounted on two sides of the stator in symmetry through the mid joint flange (part 5), keeping

with an appropriate gap (adjusted by spacer). The stator (part 3) is a stamping workpiece made

of light and high strength material that is magnetic-proof. Around the outside circle of the stator are mounted four sets of magnetic coils with

unlike poles, which are wounded on 8 magnetic cores with high magnetic conductivity.

The coils (part 4) are to be winded with wires containing characters of high heat resistance

and high electric conductivity and be divided into four groups (each group has two) with

unlike poles. The mid joint flange (part 5), which is made of fine material by precise machine,

is to be connected with the driving shaft of the automobile.

Operation and maintenance

1.HSQ series rearder have five shifts:

0 shiftNO effect in reducing the speed
1 shiftThe speed will be reduced by 25%
2 shiftThe speed will be reduced by 50%
3 shiftThe speed will be reduced by 75%
4 shiftThe speed is to be reduced to 100%

The lighted lamp on the instrument the speed panel indicates that the retarder is working in service, when there is no need for the service of retarder, the gear may reverse to 0 position, then the lamp is not light at this moment.

2. It is recommended that the retarder and the brake system be used comprehensively so as to prolong the service life of tires and brake system.

3. The ratarder is to be checked and cleaned once after it has covered 5000km(cooled first). The dust on the Surface of rotator can be removed with high pressure cleaner, the stator(especially for the stator wiring post)may be washed with low pressure cleaner.

Delivery Detail:20 DAYS

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