Multipurpose ultralight aircraft (LSA),the best training aircraft,Rotax engine,easy to handle & transport,heated and ventilated. - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/ikarus-c52-10000481
Type: Ultralight AircraftCondition: NewYear Built: 2012Place of Origin: Germany
Model Number: IKARUS C52   
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COMCO IKARUS is the german manufacturer of the ultralight aircraft IKARUS.

Since 2009 we have been market leader in Germany with twice as many sales as our competitors.

We would like to introduce you an innovative microlight aircraft IKARUS C-52 - the best selling aircraft in Germany, 1200 units of which have been sold all over the world! IKARUS C-52 is a multipurpose aircraft which can be used in different spheres. This amazing aircraft can be used as a tourer, aero tug, trainer, floatplane, surveillance and crop spraying plane. C-52 is well-known as the best training aircraft. In addition, IKARUS C-52 is available as light sport aircraft corresponding to the LSA standards of Europe and USA!

C-52 is made out of aluminum and very light composite materials. The aircraft has a very light, but at the same time very strong construction made out of durable and reliable hi-tech materials such as carbon fiber, aramid and glass fiber.

IKARUS is very easy to handle! You can easy transport the aircraft on a trailer just removing the wings and putting them into the trailor. Removing of the wings will take you only an hour of your time! Such an easy transportation of C-52 is conditioned by its extraordinary low weight. The total weight of the aicraft is only 285 kg!

Imagine that you are sitting at home in your armchair and watching your favourite series or a footbal game. Already imagined? The same you will feel yourself sitting in the cabin of C-52. In summer the cabin is ventilated through special air intakes in the side windows, and in winter - is cozily heated.

The price of C-52 may vary from 50 to 75 thousand euro excl. VAT. It depends on the engine power, cabin interior and, most of all, on dashboard. On IKARUS you can install as the usual aicraft instruments so the liquid crystal displays.

Democratic price combined with the perfect german quality and excellent flight characteristics make this aircraft to be a good buy as for aspiring pilots so for virtuoso professionals!

The customer can get the aircraft already in 4 weeks after the order. Four weeks is the period at the end of which you are getting absolutely assembled and ready to fly machine! The only thing you will have to do is just to sit into the cabin, start the engine and purely enjoy the flight!

COMCO IKARUS team is working for making adventure of flying to become a pleasure to our customers!

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