Ilyushin IL-14 plane - IL-14

Concours status fully renovated and in top flying condition Ilyushin IL-14 for sale from 1959. One of the latest flying IL-14 - details see:
Type: Ilyushin IL-14Condition: UsedYear Built: 1959Place of Origin: Russian Federation
Model Number: IL-14   
Ilyushin IL-14 plane
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Training and transport plane.

Standard (plant) number 14803066

Date of manufacturing 01.01.1959, Dresden, Germany

On-board number RA - 0543 G. Serviceability registration certificate 0548 dated 27.11.2007 of Russian Aviation Federation.

Air raid from the beginning of operational use – 27651 h. 48 min.

Air raid after last repair – 2h. 00 min.

Number of landings from the beginning of operational use 26161.

Number of landings after last repair – 2.

Number of repairs – 8.

Last repair – 28.12.1999, Aviation plant named

after Tchkalov, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Engines ASh-82T.

Standard numbers: Left B20171673

Right B254073259

Worked out from the beginning of operational use:

Left 5298 h. 30 min.

Right 1853 h. 34 min.

Left Service life: Left 290 h.30 min.

Right 304 h.12 min.

Screws: Left AV-50 N N010210010

Right AV-50 N N010210020

Total running time from the beginning of operational use:

Left 1866 h.

Right 1853 h.

Total running time after last repair:

Left 2 h.

Right 2 h

Number of repairs: 1

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