LET 410e - 872003

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Type: CommercialCondition: UsedYear Built: 1987Place of Origin: Philippines
Model Number: 872003LET 410 UVP-E: Aircraft  
LET 410e
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Year: 1987
Aircraft Type: LET 410 UVP-E
Location: Philippines
Condition: Used
Serial Number: 872003
Registration Number: RP-C 3328
Total Time: 13537:23
Airframe: TTAF-13537:23; TTAC-17500
Engine Specification: WALTER A.S. M601-E
Left Engine (SN 883 011): TSO-1995:26; CSO-1929
Right Engine (SN 873 001): TSO-1811:13; CSO-1843
Avionics/Radios: Magnetic compass, Dimmer Lights of Instrument Gyro, Turn and Sleep Indicator, Airspeed Indicator, Gyro Horizon Indicator, Altimeter Indicator, Triple Indicator (Oil, Pressure, oil Temp, Fuel Pressure), Dual Hydraulic Pressure Indicator, Torque Indicator, Inter turbine indicator ( ITT), Gas Turbine Indicator NG, Propeller Indicator NP, Fuel Quantity Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Clock, Load Meter Indicator RH /VA, Load Meter Indicator LH /VA, AC Volt Meter, DC Volt Meter, Emergency Statistic Lock, Break Pressure Indicator, Parking Brake Indicator, Pneumatic Deicer Indicator, Landing Gear Indicator, Rudder Indicator, Emergency Hydraulic Control Panel, Cockpit Voice Recorder, Flight Data Recorder, EGPWS, Standby Gyro Horizon, Air Temperature Indicator, Navigation Glide Slope Indicator L/H, Navigation Glide Slope Indicator R/H, Directional Gyro Indicator, AD & RMI Indicator, Radio Altimeter, Fire Extinguisher, AC/DC Voltmeter Selector Valve, Combine Indicator, Correcting Mechanism
Interior/Exterior: Total Passenger Seats-19 (Nineteen) Excl. 2 crew; Fire Blocking Standard- Yes; Flight Deck Seats-2; Smoke Detector-YES; Waste Bin Fire Extinguisher-YES. Good condition of interior and exterior part.
Inspection Status: ANNUAL INSPECTION COMPLETED - March 20, 2012
Wing Span (W/o Tip Tanks)-19.48 m
Wing area-35.19 sq m
Overall length-14.42 m
Overall height-5.83 m
Maximum cabin diameter-1.95 m
Maximum cabin height-1.66 m
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW)-6400 kg
Maximum landing weight (MLW)-6200 kg
Maximum Payload-1710 kg
Max cruising speed-388km/h(210kt)
Economical cruising speed-365km/h(197kt)
Initial rate of climb-1378ft/min
Service ceiling-24,300ft
Range with max fuel-920kg (2030lb)
Payload and Reserves-1318km(707nm)

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