Mi-26 - Mi-26T

Mi-26T 1992 release, after the overhaul. Operating time since new-1038 hours. Total running repair-270 hours. - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/mi-26-10000471
Type: HelicopterCondition: UsedYear Built: 1992Place of Origin: Russian Federation
Model Number: Mi-26T   
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Date of last repair2001.HelicoptersperformMILETBOextension ofup to 630hours.Delivery time45 days.After the signingof the contract andbilling100%credit.

Tothe purchaser.

Price of the newMi-26T-20 millionU.S. dollars.Manufacturing period1.5 yearsTBOof900hours.

Country of OriginRussia
Date of Introduction1983
RoleHeavy cargo-transport
Similar AircraftMi-6 Hook, HH-3E Jolly Green Giant
BladesMain rotor - 8 Tail rotor - 5
Rotor diameter105 ft (32 m)
Length111 ft (33.8 m)
Length (rotors turning)40 meters
Length (fuselage)33.5 meters
Width8.2 meters
Height26 ft., 5 in. / 8.1 meters
Tail Rotor Diameter7.6 meters
Cargo Compartment Dimensions12 meters - Floor Length 3.3 meters - Width Height variable from 2.9 to 3.2 meters
Weight49500 kg - Normal takeoff weight 56000 kg - Maximum takeoff weight 28200 kg - empty weight 20000 kg - Load-lifting capacity (100+ equipped troops, armored vehicles)
Engine2 x 11,400 shp Lotarev D-136 turbines
Maximum speed295 km/h
Cruising speed183 mph / 255 km/h
Range1200 km with Aux Fuel 800 km with maximum fuel reserve 475-800 km with maximum loading
Service Ceiling4600 m 1,800 m Hover (out of ground effect) 4,500 m Hover (in ground effect)
Fuel11,900 liters Internal
Standard Payload
  • 20,000 kg Internal or external load
  • over 80 troops, 60 litters, or
  • 2x BRDM-2 scout cars, or 2x BMDs, or
  • 1x BMP or,
  • 1x BTR-60/70/80 or,
  • 1x MT-LB
ArmamentUsually none
Survivability/CountermeasuresMain and tail rotor blades electrically deiced. Infrared signature suppressors on engines. Infrared jammers and decoys; flares. Self-sealing fuel tanks.
AVIONICSThe avionics and navigational package, a Doppler weather radar, and a fully functioning autopilot allow for day/night all-weather operation.
Crew5 (2x pilots, 1x navigator, 1x flight engineer, 1x loadmaster)

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