- Eliminates Fuel injector fouling & Lowers the emissions, - Restore Lost power and Improves performance, - Reduce knock - details see: //
Type: Fuel saver - economizador de combustible - Fuel system cleanerCertification: Epa RegisterSize: 12,9x5,9x8,66 inches (33x15x22 cm)Material: Liquid
Bus Model: AllPlace of Origin: Florida United StatesBrand Name: MPG MAX-PROCombustion chamber cleaner: Injection system cleaner
carbon remover: Liquid   
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MPG-MAX-PRO delivers a fast, complete and safe cleanup of the entire fuel system. Used as directed, one dose cleans clogged fuel injectors and helps to restore the lost power and performance. When used with Comercial 30 or IFT Liquid, this one-two punch gives a jump start to improve economy of your engine between 7% and 14% .

Directions: use 30cc for 8 liters of fuel (diesel or gasoline, etanol, bio diesel, etc) or 150cc MPG-MAX-PRO for 40 lt of Fuel.

MPG-MAX PRO entrega una rápida, completa y segura limpieza de todo el sistema de inyección y cámara de combustión. Usado correctamente, una sola dósis limpia inyectores y ayuda a recuperar el poder o potencia perdidos a lo largo del tiempo. Cuando es usado con comercial 30 ó IFT Liquid, logra reducir el consumo de combustible entre un 7% y 14% GARANTIZADO.

Packaging Detail:you can rent 1 cubic meter in one container where you can put until 72 american Gallons, with one cost of app US$ 250 of shipping cost (by sea)
Delivery Detail:2 weeks

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