P700 UL/UAV Engine - P700

700cc,2-stroke,air-cooled,E-start;, mounting position is same as Rotax 582 engine - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/p700-ul-uav-engine-10000947
Type: EngineUse: OtherCondition: NewPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)
Model Number: P700Brand Name: SV HOBBY  
P700 UL/UAV Engine
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Suit for:Ultralight Aircraft, Gyroplane,UAV,Hovercraft,


Engine Type:4 cylinder,2-stroke,horizontal opposed boxer;
Bore x Stroke:64x54 mm
Piston Displacement: 694cc
Compression Ratio:11:1
Max Power:45HP/6000RPM;

Thrust:75kg-5200RPM at 1.5m2-blade Carbon fiberProp (10 degree prop);
Steel sleeve cylinder,longer lifespan

Cooling:Forced air-cooled

Ignition:DC Electronic Ignition
Spark Plug:NGK BR8ES(2PCS per cylinder)
Spark Plug gap:0.5-0.7mm
Carburetor: diaphragm carb/twin
Exhaust:tuned exhaust
Mixed Fuel:gasoline, octane number 93
Lubricant: Mobil 2-stroke
Mix Ratio:30-40:1
Gear Version---Prop Rotate Direction:Counterclockwise(front of prop)
Magneto: 180W/14V-1500RPM

Magneto: 230W/14V-3000RPM

Magneto: 250W/14V-5000RPM

Start: DC12V, E-Start;
Reduction Ratio:2.58:1;

N.W: 48kg
Dimension(LxWxH): 600x500x420 mm

Suit for:UL,UAV,Gyroplane,Hovercraft,Para-Quad,Para-Trike;

Mounting position is same as Rotax 582 engine.

Packaging Detail:1PC/CTN
Delivery Detail:25 days

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