PDQ it can leakage tester model# 215

hooks up between hydraulic mule and aircraft to check for leakage - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/pdq-it-can-leakage-tester-model-215-10000566
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PDQ it can leakage tester model# 215
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  • 0 - 10 gpm Leak rate with .005% accuracy
  • 3000 PSI working pressure
  • State of the Art Explosion Proof Sending Unit
  • Model A215 is used for Airbus
  • Model A215-Univ is for all types of aircraft: Airbus, Boeing & Douglas
  • The model A215 is used in support of Boeing and Air Bus.

    The model A215 is a generic unit, simple to operate and will meet the basic test requirements for the above aircraft.

    The model A215-Universal is used on all Douglas Aircraft requiring It-Can tests.

    In reviewing the test procedures from Air Bus and Douglas you will notice that the Air Bus and Douglas procedures are reversed.

    For example, the Air Bus procedures starts by testing the gross total allowable internal leakage, then you proceed to individual control system and read low leak rates.

    The Douglas spec asks you to record gross leakage, then go to the component leakage, but you are required to read the flow then set the indicator to zero (0) and proceed to the next test. This is repeated until you reach the end of the test and then you electronically recall the total leakage measurement over all the tests.

    This can be accomplished using a hand calculator and adding or subtracting out the indication each time you run the test.

    The A215 works very well and will require the hand calculation.

    The new improved Model A215-Universal has 2 digital readouts; one (1) with memory and a zero suppression control to adjust each new test reading back to zero so we can proceed to the next test. Then at the end we can recall all data.

    In summary the A215-Universal allows you to test to zero flow indication after each test then proceed to the next test and at the end of the test of all tests recall all leakages as a total gross leakage.

    The second digital display allows you to monitor leak rate as it actually increases.

    You may wish to review our PDQ "IT CAN" Leakage Tester, A215 and A215-Universal. The PDQ's are used in conjunction with hydraulic test stands.

    Many leading companies such as Boeing, Canada 3000, Japan Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Far East Air Transport, Malaysia, United Airlines, Delta and many more have our units in service.

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