RSA-3 Autopilot aircraft system - RSA-3

1.Waypoint setting while in flight,, 2.Automated altitude control,, 3.Ground Control Station - details see:
Type: Autopilot system,Other Outdoor Toys & StructuresUse: AirplaneCondition: NewPlace of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Model Number: RSA-3Brand Name: TQ TechApplication: RC airplane 
RSA-3 Autopilot aircraft system
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RSA-3 autopilot aircraft system

RSA-3 is an advanced autopilot with patented Attitude Flight Stabilization System AFSS ™ that allows you to view and change in real time the flight parameters of your flying aircraft via your Ground Control Station (GCS).

The parameters include (but are not limited to.
• Waypoint setting while in flight,
• Automated altitude control,
• Ground speed control,
• Activation of circling at given points,
• Control of circling radius,
• Automated Return to Base (RTB),
• Automated take-off.
Real time telemetry data transmitted to the G CS include:
• Main battery voltage and mAh consumed,
• GPS signal strength,
• Plane attitude flight stabilization system (AFSS) status,
• All parameters as shown on the On Screen Display (OSD)
With the RSA-3 , autopilot flight via the GCS has never been simpler

Aircraft Aircraft Aircraft Aircraft Suitability Suitability Suitability Suitability
1. Normal / Traditional fixed-wing planes
2. D elta-winged plane with rudder
3. D elta-winged plane without rudder
4. Plane without aileron
5. V – tail plane with and without aileron

Packaging Detail:Box
Delivery Detail:5-10 working days

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