safety seat belt extender - EBL002

It's lenthen the existing belt by any inches. - details see:
Type: seat belt extenderCertification: ISO9001:2000Size: to customer's sizeMaterial: polyester and steel
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: DLModel Number: EBL002color: black
safety seat belt extender
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1.2500lb min.breaking strength.(11.1KN)


-ends to be treated to prevent unracerling

3.bracket-material,high strength steel.

-to be deburred to prevent cutting of webbing.

4.make different lengths to customer's requirement.


A seat belt ,sometimes called a safety belt,is a safety harness designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or sudden stop.A seat belt reduces the likelihood and severity of injury in a traffic collision by stopping the vehicle occupant from hitting hard against interior collisions of the vehicle or other passengers (the so-called second impact),by keeping occu[ants positioned correctly for maximum benift from the airbag,if the vehicle is so equipped,and by preventing occupants being ejected from the vehicle.

Wearing your seat belt correctly

A seat belt won't work properly in a crash if it's put around two people,as they would be crushed together,resulting in a serious injuries.To protect you in a crash,your seat belt needs to be adjusted so that:

1.It sits as close to your body as posibble,without any slack or twisting in the straps.

2.the shoulder belt lies across your chest and over your shoulder,away for your neck.

3.the lap belt goes as low as possible from hip bones to hip bone-not across your stomach.

Using seat belt with frontal airbags

Airbags are designed to be used with seat belt,but in a crash they can cause an injury if you're sitting too close.You should:

1.Allow at least a 25 centimeter gap between your breastbone and the dashboard or centre of the steering wheel.

2.only use a rear-facing child car seat on a seat with a fromntal airbag if the airbag has been deactivated.

Adjust your head rest when adjusting your seat belt

Make sure you also adjust the heas rests in the front and back seats to prevent a whiplash injury in a crash.The top of the head rest should be level with the top of your ears and as close as possible to your head.

Wearing a seat belt while pregnant

In a accident,a seat belt reduces the risk of injury to your unborn child by up to 70 percent.You must wear a seat belt if you're pregnant,unless your doctor certifies that you're exempt on medical grounds.

You 'll need to take extra care adjusting your seat belt.You'll be safer and more comfortable if you wear the :

1.Diagonal strap between your breasts,moving it around the side of your bump.

2.lap strap as low as possible across your hips and under your bump-if it goes over your belly button,it's too high if you're driving and need to make room for your bump,don't put your seat where you can't reach the clutch,brake and accelerator,This could affect your reaction times when driving.Checking your mirrors are still in the right place as you move the seat.

If your vehicle has no seat belts

You can't carry any children under three years old in vehicles without seat belts,like classic cars.If you're traving with children over three years old,they must only sit in the back seats.

Packaging Detail:200pcs/carton. g.w:20.3kgs n.w.:19.8kgs size:37*27*31cm
Delivery Detail:30days after deposit

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