Sauer aircraft engine S2400UL - S2400UL

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Type: EngineUse: Ultalight airplanes, Motorglider, VLA airplanesCondition: NewSize: 450 x 760 x 400
Place of Origin: GermanyModel Number: S2400ULBrand Name: S2400ULS2400UL: gold engine case
Sauer aircraft engine S2400UL
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4 cylinder 4 stroke air cooled engine with cylinder opposed, automatic carburetor, mechanical fuel pump , double ignition, wet sump pressure lubrication, electric starter and generator

Displacement 2332 cm³

Stroke 84 mm

Bore 94 mm

Performance 100 HP@3500 rpm, 90 HP@3000rpm

Torque 230 Nm @ 2700 - 2800 rpm

Mixture fuel/air automatic carburetor

Ignition electronic

Generator 200W, 14V

Weigth 75 kg

Fuel 90-100 octane (RON)

Option: Exhaust system

air filter box

air filter

shock mounts

prpeller extension



Packaging Detail:in a wooden box
Delivery Detail:2 - 4 weeks

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