Seats for buses, trains and airplanes

The seats are divided by segmentation: Reclining, Chair, Intercity and Urban., We have different sizes, colors and models. - details see: //
Seats for buses, trains and airplanes
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Quality and beauty for your company
Comfort and security for the passengers

The quality of a bus/train depends of each one of your components, but for the passenger, the most important is the seat, because it´s the seat that makes your trip more pleasant. And it´s for that reason that we can offer you the best chairs and seats for buses and trains, being meaning of beauty and comfort at the same time. Making usage of high quality components, offers the best for passengers and for the companies.

There are several models and coatings, for each type of vehicle and track, projected considering the movement and the user arrangement, corroborating with the healthy posture and the appropriated support to the structural body. Beside this, it counts with standard and models that increase value to your vehicle always guaranteeing a good trip.

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