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Hull Material: PolyethyleneLength (m): 3.1 - 4mPaddlers (Max): 3Inflatable: No
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Model Number: Sit on top kayakBrand Name: Cool KayakSit On Top Kayak Color: Single color, mixed color, pattern;
Sit On Top Kayak Construction: PolyethyleneKayak Type: Sit on top kayak, fishing kayak, single kayak, tandem kayak,Sit On Top Kayak load capacity: 300kgKayak Stability: Excellent
Surfing: Good performanceKayak Fishing accessories: OptionalUV Resistance: 8 degreeFishing accessoreis: Optional
OEM: Accept   
Sit on top kayak wholesale
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Why a sit-on-top kayak ?

Fiberglass, paddle floats, navigation maps, self-rescue…you'd like to enjoy the water in a kayak, but perhaps you aren't feeling ready for the investment of time and money it takes to get into the sport. There are lots of alternatives out there for new and recreational paddlers, one of which is a sit-on-top kayak.

Sit-on-top kayaks have similar hull shapes to their traditional counterparts, but instead of sitting inside the kayak, you sit on a molded-in depression on top. Some are fiberglass, but most are made from tough, inexpensive, rotationally molded plastic. Sit-on-top kayaks share many benefits with traditional sit-insides, but often are easier to use and less expensive. There are sit-on-top kayaks designed for fishing, surfing, touring, scuba diving and more. Some of these are considered specialty boats, but most sit-on-tops are built for multi-purposes and with recreational or beginning paddlers in mind.

Sit-on-top kayaks have a few advantages over sit-insides, one of which is comfort. Paddlers with large body types, long legs, or limited flexibility may feel less confined paddling a sit-on-top. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to do a self-rescue. Because sit-on-tops have an open deck rather than an enclosed one, there is less risk of being trapped in the boat if it tips over. With a sit-on-top kayak there is no need to practice Eskimo rolls or wet exits. That really appeals to new paddlers, and people who don't plan to take their kayaks out on expeditions.

Sit-on-tops are fun and a great way to enjoy kayaking….so, grab a paddle and sit on an Cool Kayak.

Sit on top Kayaks from Cool Kayak Brand

Single sit on top kayak Conger

> Weight:21kg

> Length:2950mm

> Width:780mm

> Capacity:200kg

Comfortable, stable and fun are thress words to best describ the Cool Kayaks. The Cool Kayak was designed for familys or freinds, solo or tandem, who want to enjoy a variety water in an affordable way.

Production process for Sit-on-top kayaks from Cool Kayak Brand

Kayaks from Cool Kayak are roto-moulded(rotationally moulded). In this process, the finest linear, medium density polyethylene powder is poured into the Kayak Mould which is then put into a large oven and rotated until the powder has melted and formed the Kayak. Once cooled the Kayak is fitted with accessories and inspected carefully. The end-product is a lightweight and very durale Kayak with no seams.

Specification---Sit on top kayak wholesale

Cool Kayak Production Sheet
ModelFamily Kayak--OceanusTandem Kayak---CastorSingle Kayak---CongerSingle Kayak---MolaSingle Kayak---Flash
Paddlers2 adults +1 child2 persons1 person1 person1 person
Dimension and weight
Production size3700x 860x 400mm3780x 840x 430mm2950x 780x 350mm2700x 800x 400mm2600x 700x 260mm
PackageBubble bag+carton sheet+ plastic bagBubble bag+carton sheet+ plastic bagBubble bag+carton sheet+ plastic bagBubble bag+carton sheet+ plastic bagBubble bag+carton sheet+ plastic bag
Net weight32kg34kg21kg19kg19kg
Qty/20ft22 pcs+ 14 pcs conger22 pcs+ 15 pcs conger53 pcs45 pcs60 pcs
Qty/40hq72 pcs+ 12 pcs conger72 pcs+ 13 pcs conger120 pcs109 pcs140 pcs
Standard parts
Bow&stern carrying handle22 (moulded)222
D-shaped button1410888
Drain plug11111
Rubber stopper86644
Hatch cover22222
Sided carrying handle22222
Paddle button26022
Black bungee1.2m1.2m1.2m1.2m1.2m
Cup holder21111
Elastic button22222
Flush rod holder22 or 42//
Extra accessory
Life jacket22111
Fishing rod holder221//
Flush rod holder/////

Sit on top kayak standard parts:

Drain plugs;

Kayak handles;

Rubber stopper;

Flush mounted rod holders;

hatches with inner bag;

Black bungee;

"D" slips:

Sit on top kayak standard parts:


Kayak back seat;

Swivel rod holder;

Life jacket;

Sit on top kayak package:

Kayak is packed by three layers. The first layer is bubble bag, then carton sheet, and last plastic bag.

Packaging Detail:Sit on top kayaks from Cool Kayak manufacturer are packed by three layers. One is bubble bag, one is carton sheet, another is plastic bag. All of kayks can be protected well when they are transported by sea way. Kayaks can be loaded more in the full container. For example, 53 pcs single sit on top kayak Conger can be fitted into one 20ft container. 120 pcs conger are for one 40hc container. If you want different kayaks combination, please contact Doris. She will check it for you. Thank you.
Delivery Detail:15 days for a 20ft container;25 days for a 40hq container;

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