Skyranger SW

Airplane Ultralight and VLA microlight - details see:
Type: Ultralight AirplanCondition: NewPlace of Origin: GermanyVolksflugzeug Skyranger SW: white
Skyranger SW
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Volksflugzeug SkyRangerSW Specification

Maximum Take Off weight 540 kg

Maximum Take Off weight UL 540 kg

Emty weight 260 - 280 kg

Payload 260-280 kg

Wing Aera 13 m²

Wing Span 8,8 m

Lengh overall 5,8 m

Fuselage width 1,2 m

Teil Span 2,52 m

Height overall 2,4 m

Max speed 210 km/h

cruise speed 160 - 180 km/h

Stall speed 60 km/h

Climbing rate 3-6 m/s

engines 65-110 HP

Packaging Detail:Kit in 6 cartons. Plane in Wooden Box
Delivery Detail:12 weeks

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