Smart Spair- Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit with tire sealant

1.Anti Rust/Puncture free glue, 2.Anti Freeze&Durable, 3.Tubeless&Tube tyre, 4.Nontoxic&water soluble, 5.OEM/ODM Factory-Foshan - details see: //
Type: TyrePlace of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Colour: Green, blackWorking Environment: -10℃ - 90℃
Suitable Tire Type: Tubeless tyre & Tube-type tyreTire Type: All pneumatic rubber tireEnduring Puncture Times: Automatically repair the punctures over 300 timesSeals Punctures Holes Dia.: Tubeless tyre: up to 1/3.6"(7mm);
Seals Punctures: Tube-type tire: up to 1/8"(3mm)Tire Sealant: Manufacturer/Factory- Foshan NanhaiUse: All motorcycle and bicycle tireTire puncture seal: Seal punctures automatically
Smart Spair- Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit with tire sealant
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JIA BAO LONG & JPAD Tire Sealant Test
1.Steel Nails Level Test

2.Tire Sealant Tube: First created & specialized convex groove belt in the whole market; instead of motorcycle inner tube.

3.Tube type tire become tubeless tire.

Video as below:
China Video website:
New Project! New Investment! New Opportunity!
No longer afraid of tyre punctures like iron nails! Repairing a flat tyre?
- JIA BAO LONG and JPAD Tire & Tube Sealant
JIA BAO LONG and JPADanti-rust motorcycle tyre and car sealant is a specialized chemical formula liquid which have the real effect product not rust or harmful for the wheel rim. As the JIA BAO LONG treated tire rotates, centrifugal force pushes the sealant to the tread area creating a layer of protection, repairing punctures as they occur and treating existing punctures.
JIA BAO LONG is not intended for use in tires losing pressure from sidewall punctures, bead leaks, damaged rims or faulty valves.
The Largest Professional Tire Sealant Factoryin China

Including the Production & Sales Volume

Full Automatic Filling Machine Production Line

Same as beer factory

Tyre Sealant Technical Parameters

Punctures ProbabilityReduce 90% after used (See the video on our website)
Working Environment-10°C- 90°C
Seals Punctures Holes Dia.Tubeless tyre: up to 1/3.6”(7mm); Tube-type tyre: up to 1/8”(3mm)
Suitable Tire TypeTubeless tyre & Tube-type tire, including all pneumatic rubber tire
Tire Blow-out ProbabilityIncluding the chemical to decrease 90% of tire explosion
Enduring Puncture TimesAutomatically repair the punctures over 300 times

How Much per Tire?

Bicycle, E-Bicycle250-350

Tyre Sealant Grades in China



CompositionSealing puncture effectAppearance
Grade ARubber + Chemical additiveIron nail level &

Anti Rust for wheel rim (ours)

Thick, Green colour
Grade BRubber or Little or

no chemical additive

Common & wheel rustThin, Black colour
Grade CWater + Starchy FlourCheating & wheel rustThin, Grey colour

For the Anti-Rust & Anti-Freeze function of Grade A, most of the factories don’t have this chemical additive. In the northern part of China, only one or two tire sealant factory can sell their products. Also this will be required as customer’s requirements.

Advantages (Green level)
1. Anti-Rust & Anti-Corrosion:
JIA BAO LONGVSOther common tyre sealants
2. Patent & Qualify Bottle:Ensure safety during transportation and loading in the container - no crack as cheap bottle.
3. Anti-Freeze :Not such function will become like jelly around 0 degree & never recover to normal.
4. Durable:Lifetime longer1-4 monthsthan common products, or double times.
5. First created & used specialized protruded belt:Instead of tube inside
motorcycle tube tire in the whole market!
6. No hurt or damage for the tire & wheel rim
- Nontoxic & Nonexplosive & Nonflammable & Water Soluble
Tyre Sealant Assembly Procedure
1). 1,000 ml bottle:
- Iron motorcycle wheel:we have theFIRSTcreated & special tire sealant tube withconvex grooveon one side in the whole market; the groove is used to fit the iron wheel rim, it is perfect to make a tube tyre become tubeless tyre.
1: Assembly with the special rubber belt & air cock, and make them fit well.
2: Install the tire and left a small gap.
3: Shaking the liquid completely, then pour it into the tire through gap.
4: Rolling the whole tire in 45 degree angle up and down & install the tire completely.
5: Inflate the tire.

-Tubeless tyre:Open the tubeless tyre, then repeat step 3-5 as above.

2). For 500 ml & 350ml bottle with attached tube:
1. Deflate the tire, cut the bottle cap mouth;
2. Then connect the tube and the air valve, and press the bottle to make the liquid flowing into the tire completely.
3. Finally inflate the tire.
Factory view &Loading container(factory address: Dalan Industrial Zone, Guangyao Town, Nanhai, Foshan)
Guangzhou Baiyu Motorcycle market show room
Packaging Detail:1000ml: 24 pcs/CTN(without rubber belt); 20 pcs/CTN(with rubber belt); 500ml: 35 pcs/CTN(without rubber belt); 350ml: 50pcs/CTN(without rubber belt);
Delivery Detail:10 days

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