SPCC Compliant Base Spill KIt

SPCC Compliant Base KIt - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/spcc-compliant-base-spill-kit-10000800
Type: Oil Spill Cleanup Kits   
SPCC Compliant Base Spill KIt
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SPCC Kits: The base kit provides a standard spill kit for filling stations not covered by the requirements of SPCC 40 CFR. For kits that comply with 40CFR requirements add 2 bags of MOP 301 or 201 for every 150 gallons of storage to adequately cover potential contingencies. $55/bag
2 Large Mobile Storage Trunks
Broom & Squeegee
12-3" x 48" MOP Boom,
4-3" x 120" MOP Booms,
10-12" x 12" MOP oil pillows,
MOP 301 20 lb
MOP 201 20 lb
200 17" x 19" Oil only pads
200 17" x 19" Universal pads
2 Drain covers
4 Pair Splash Goggles
3 Box nitrile gloves, s m l
2 Inventory Label
First Aid Kit
10-disposable bags,
Price: $1,543.00
Refill Kit: Spill Consumables Only:
$809.00 PPE & first aid not included
Up to: 326 Gallons Pickup(1,234 Liters)
Up to: 2600 lbs Pickup (1,182 Kilograms)
Packaging Detail:2 Large Mobile Storage Trunks, Each with overall Width 17 1/2 In, Overall Length 37 In, Overall Height 14 In, Black, Material Polypropylene, Includes Hinged Lid, 2 Wheels, 2 Molded In Handles, 2 Zinc Plated Latches and 1 Reinforced Padlock Hole. 99% recycled materials
Delivery Detail:2-4 weeks

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