ST912 Amphibious motorized glider/ satelloid/ manned vehicle/Manned aircraft - STB912 motorized glider

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Type: GyroplaneCondition: NewPlace of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)Model Number: STB912 motorized glider
ST912 Amphibious motorized glider/ satelloid/ manned vehicle/Manned aircraft
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Unique amphibious trike with full composite hull STB912 is an amphiblous trike, Sunward owns its intellectual property rights and patents. Its main boat is made in carbon fiber, glass fiber and PVC composite material. The STB912 is manufactured completely by mould and utilizing the same process of two seat light sports aircraft. Its main structure is simple and using the high strength stainless steel and aviation aluminum. It is light and durable. All the manufacture process and performance are equal to the same products in Europe. The advanced boat design makes it amphibious. It can slid fast, land and take off on the grass land, mash and rough water surface, (up to 1 meter waves).

It is the first Chinese trike product certified by DULV in europe and FAA in the USA. Its special innovative design won the best design award at Florida sun and Fun Airshow 2003 during its first attendance


Abundance components, professional choice The import Rorax 582 engine, propeller and HZ/KPL serial wings ensure advanced flight character and stable quality. for STB912. The HZ wing has received the DULV certification from Europe and is able to bear the overload from -2G to +6G and provides the best safety guarantee and flight experience. In accordance with the difference requirements of customers, the reliable traditional mechanical instrument and advanced, integrated EFIS and EMS electronic display system which can rand recording the dates automatically are available,. Easy control, free flight STB912 is fueled with 97# as the normal car. The 60L tank can ensure the 340KM one way flight range under the speed 85KM/H. The optimized design of composite spinner brings you better flight experience and wonderful sight in the air. This product has advantages of high stability, simple structure, flexible operation, convenient maintenance, short take-off/landing distance, high flying speed, etc. It can be widely used in the field of flying training, sight seeing, aero photographing, and tourism etc. Meanwhile, it can be used to emergency relief, special force, etc.


Length :5.18m
Height: 2.4m
Hull length: 3.66m
Hull width: 1.75m
Hull height : 0.7m
Wing span: 10.38m2/10.35m2
Never exceed speed:: 125km/90km
Cruise speed:85km/h: 60km/h
Basic empty weight: 248kg/268kg
Max takeoff weight: 450kg
Max endurance time: 4h
Engine: Rotax582/Rotax912
Distance of taking off/landing on land: 80m/100m
Distance of taking off/landing on water: 100m/120m

Packaging Detail:wooden box or Iron box
Delivery Detail:20days

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