High temperature materials and tape for aerospace and engine - details see: https://www.vehicleto.com/tapes-10000810
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3M Aviation Products

Arlon Mox Tapes

Tapes - Electrical

Tapes - Insulation

CHR Fluroglas Barrier and Insulation tapes

Kirkhill TA Esterline tape RL6000 SA

RL6000 FR

RL6000 SA

RL6000 SB

Mil I 46852C

RM827 Skived Tape - ceramic filled to GE A50TF106 Class A

GK2002 Aircraft Rub strip

Self fusing silicone rubber tape

Mox Tape 602 Moxness Tape

Mox 604

A A 59163

GE 3003M70P01

Mil I 46852 C

SA01020 Mox Tape

SB01020 Mox Tape

RL6000 FR

RM Engineered RL6000 now Kirkhill TA

Kirkhill - TA Esterline RL6000 Cable and harness wrapping tape

Stretchtape - self fusing

Mil I 22444C

Polyken tapes

Carpet Tape and Cargo Compartment tape to flame retardant specifications


Polyken 108 Polyken 108PE

Polyken 231 -

Polyken 290FR


FAR 25.853(a) FAR 25.855(de

BMS 5 146 BMS 5-146

Patco D9100 Flame Retardant Polyurethane Moisture Barrier



Tyco Adhesives

Covalence Adhesives

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